Heat Press vs Screen Printing

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Heat Press VS Screen printing


Both the heat press and screen printing press are valuable to any t-shirt printer.


The Heat press is often a piece of equipment every new t-shirt printer usually gets when starting their new t-shirt printing business. It can be found cheap on websites such as eBay and you can get started right away by using heat transfer paper that is printed out of your inkjet printer. The heat press is great for so many reasons. You can use vinyl transfers to print on not only t-shirts but jerseys as well. A lot of youth sports teams use vinyl transfers on their jerseys.


If I had to pick between the two I would choose a screen printing press. On the fact that you have the opportunity to make more money with it. Unfortunately, every new entrepreneur is not starting out with a large budget and a lot of space. For Screen printing, you will need more equipment than just a screen printing press. You will need a flash, an exposure unit, a conveyor dryer, an inkjet computer, A washout booth, a screen dryer and so many more pieces of equipment.


Reasons to buy a Heat Press

  • Good for small orders
  • Easy to use
  • Can be purchased for cheap
  • Able to use in a small space
  • Can Use Plastisol Transfers 
  • Can use for DTG printing
  • Can use for Vinyl transfers
  • Can use for sublimation 
  • Can use for inkjet Transfers
  • Portable
  • Can be used for rhinestones and foil transfers


Facts about a Screen Printing Press

  • Good for Large Orders
  • Need more space
  • Can make more money with it
  • Difficult to learn
  • Not easily portable
  • Durable
  • Messy
  • Faster
  • Can be expensive 


As you can see both have their perks but from a startup entrepreneurs point of view you may find that the Heat Press will be more friendly for you. You can always add screen printing later down the line. You can also just us a t-shirt fulfillment company that will also print your shirts for you. You can spend time finding new customers. 


If you have any comments, questions or experience with any of this equipment please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 


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3 Comment(s)

Simon Barkar:
05/14/2018, 12:50:41 PM

Great blog. Basically, I like your great articles here. Though of the tactics are really good and effective. But I think Screen Printing is more long lasting then Heat Press. What's your opinion?

05/17/2018, 10:40:38 AM

Thanks for sharing this article here. I like both way heat press vs screen printing. But according to my opinion screen printing is long lasting than heat press. What's your opinion?Please let me know.

07/16/2020, 02:04:53 AM

It is a great alternative to standard screen printing whereby screens have to be made before the job can be started. It's a good alternative to transfer printing whereby initial quantities often need to be larger in order to make them more cost effective.

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