The Best Pretreat Machine

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The Best Pretreat Machine


The Best Pretreatment Machine


Find out what is the best Pretreat machine for your DTG printing Company


So if you are reading this, then chances are that you have entered the dtg printing market. Either that or you are highly considering it. You have probably heard all the nightmare experiences with white ink and how important laying the pretreatment on the shirt correctly is. Well if you are anything like me you probably held off and just used the Wagner sprayer. I will go into detail and give you my experience with and without a pretreatment machine and also break down the best pretreatment machines.


Life Without a Pretreatment machine


Printing without a pretreatment machine was not too bad. Or so I thought. The Wagner sprayer can get you by in your beginning stages if you entered the dtg printing market on a budget. It seems to me that I enjoyed using the Wagner more because I thought it was faster. It seemed like a lot more work loading a shirt into the pretreatment machine. This may be because I used a cardboard box with a tub that you can put stuff in, but I flipped it upside down and layed the shirts on there at an angle and I was able to load spray and remove the shirts quickly. 


Issues when not using a Pretreatment machine


  • Inconsistent spray patterns
  • Waste of pretreatment
  • Huge mess to clean up
  • Overspray causes furniture and walls to turn different colors


Since you are in the t shirt business one of the worst issues to have when you don't have a pretreatment machine is that you can get inconsistent spray patterns. This can cause your prints to come out less than desirable. You will notice things like the shirt color coming through the print. You will also notice that your whites are not as good as they should be. You can also have your prints crack and wash completely off if you use too much or don't use enough.


Life with a Pretreatment Machine


OMG. The only question is what took me so long. The specific pretreatment machine I purchased was an open pretreatment machine. It is not enclosed so I can take 10 shirts lay them on the platen and hit the button. I can pretreat up to 300 shirts per hour as this specific manufacturer states. That is of course if you have all the heat presses and staff to accomplish this. This machine has made things so much easier for me. It cut down on the space that I needed before and no more overspray on the floor and walls.


Perks of using a pretreatment machine


  • Little to none overspray
  • Smaller space needed than using a Wagner
  • Ability to pretreat faster
  • Consistent spray patterns
  • Save money from waste



What are the Best Pretreatment Machines


  • Viper XPT Automatic $2499
  • Pearl PTM $2999
  • Pearl Elite $3495
  • Shultz Pretreatmaker IV $5200
  • Spider-Mini Pretreat $3999
  • SpeedTreater TX $4299
  • Cobra Pretreat $899
  • King Cobra Pretreat $1199
  • Treatbot Pretreat $799
  • Pretreatmaker Line $UNKNOWN
  • Pearl Lite $1995


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