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Preparing Artwork for DTG Printing


Preparing Artwork for DTG


How to Prepare DTG Artwork


  1. Create your image the correct size
  2. Create your image with the Correct Resolution. 300 DPI
  3. Make sure the Color Mode is in RBG mode and Not CMYK
  4. Use the right Colors in your design with the Dtg Artwork Chart.
  5. Make sure you have a transparent Background
  6. Save Your Image as a PNG file type


If you are interested in DTG Printing then you want to know how to create your artwork for your custom t-shirts. It is not done the same way that you would prepare screen printing artwork. You have a few different options to design a t-shirt


DTG Printers have the capability to print Full color Raster images. We don't need Vector images to print but we can print them also if you convert them to Png files with a transparent background.


Artwork size


Dimension size


We are capable of printing oversized 16x18 inches with DTG Printing but we print our images 10x12 for standard printing.


Image Resolution


The Resolution of the image should be 300 dpi. Dpi stands for Dots Per Inch.


Color Mode


Your artwork should be saved in RGB for DTG Printing. For Screen Printing you would want CMYK. It is different for DTG because we are printing full color. The Rip Software will determine any other settings.


Background Color


You want to save your file with a Transparent Background. You will notice right away if the background is transparent. If you are in photoshop then the background has checkered squares.


How to convert a CMYK Image to RGB Mode


How to convert CMYK to RGB. Also How to convert RGB to CMYK


If you are using photoshop you can click the Image tab at the top. You should see the Word Mode. Then Click on RGB to for DTG artwork. If you were creating it for screen printing or business cards you would want to select CMYK.



How to select pan tones?


Dtg does not use Pan tones. There are ways that you can get your images close to a specific color but it is not guaranteed. Below is a chart that you can use for reference. 


DTG Color Matching


The Best way to get color matching for your design is to order the DTG Artwork Chart on a white shirt and a dark shirt. Then you will see the colors that you are looking for. After you receive both shirts you will know what colors to adjust to get the colors that you are looking for. 


Thes DTG color swatches are available to order just like a normal order. Just add the chart to the shirt and place your order.


DTG Artwork Chart


DTG Artwork Chart. RGB Color Gaument



File Types for DTG


  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Jpeg
  • SVG


Png is the Best file type for Direct to Garment Printers. This also keeps your Transparent background saved. If you have a transparent background and save your image as a JPG. You will end up with a White background in your image.


DTG does not produce super bright neon colors the way that vinyl or another form of printing. Also, every computer monitor is different so there should be no expectations of a match.


Let us know some of your tips and tricks for DTG Printing below in the comment section

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Damian Andrade:
03/23/2019, 05:39:29 PM

Question. Do you offer any other shirts than tshirts... like a v-neck? and you you do both sides? Threadless lets me down on that.

Need T-shirts Now:
04/05/2019, 05:46:24 AM

Hello, Yes we do offer v-necks and we do print on both sides of the shirt. You can find our products on the menu link above. We have a few different colors but not as many as we offer in the regular crew neck. Let us know if you have any other questions regarding products in the help center tab under info.

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