The Best Vector Graphic Software

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How to Make a Vector Graphic Easy with new Software 


Learn How to make a Vector Graphic easy.


Learning how to make a Vector Graphic can be difficult.


New Vector Graphic Software called Vector Magic is easy to use. You can turn your bitmap image into a Vector in less than 5 minutes. You get to choose how many colors your Vectors should have and then let the graphic design software do the rest. I was recently looking for new software because the Adobe Illustrator trace tool can be semi-difficult to use and it takes a lot of time to perfect. That is when I ran across Vector Magic. Well, I actually heard of it a while back in a facebook group but didn't really pay it any attention at the time. I sure wish I should of.


Advantages of using Vector magic


  • It's Faster 
  • It's Easier
  • It's inexpensive and fast to learn


You can create your vector in just a couple of clicks and that's exactly what I like. All you need to do is drag and drop your image in the software and click the button. You can narrow it down to as many colors as you want to be in your vector.


This software is not a replacement for Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw but it can be a great tool to compliment whichever software that you generally use. I can not say which I prefer because its been years since I used Corel draw but I use adobe illustrator often. The trace tool in illustrator is not as user-friendly to me as the older versions were.


Take a look at our Video of the Vector Magic software.



As you can see it's not perfect but it can get the job done. If you have any experience with this software or any other software for vectors please feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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