Which is the best ecommerce website builder

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Which is the best ecommerce website builder


Which is the best ecommerce website builder. Make money online with your own website.


When it comes to website builders there is a lot to choose from. Some of them are free and others are not. Today we will let you know which is the best eCommerce websites builders.


The best eCommerce website builders


  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. Wordpress
  4. Opencart
  5. Squarespace


You may be thinking some of these aren't technically website builders. When you think of a website builder you think of easy to use. The drag and drop type of website. While some may be easy to use they may not even be worth your time. That is why we aren't going to mention others on this list. While the list itself is in no particular order we find that these are the top 5.




Shopify is one of the best ecommerce website builder


Shopify is a great eCommerce website builder. It has lots of add-ons and templates to choose from. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube that you can use to get started. You can start off with Shopify using a free 14-day trial. With Shopify they let you use your domain or you can get a free Shopify domain. To me, Shopify gives you a WordPress type of feel. Right after you sign up you can get started by choosing your theme. There are paid themes and Free themes that you can choose from. With Shopify they allow you to take payments directly from your website. They take a % of sales. There are 4 different plans to choose from.


Here are the plans and price list below

  • Lite Plan – $9 per month + a Buy button
  • Basic Shopify Plan – $29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction
  • Shopify Plan- $79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – $299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction


Shopify has a lot of different add-ons which might be useful to you especially if you sell products like custom t-shirts. There are dropship companies that will take your orders and print and ship directly to your customers. That means more time for you to sell your products without needing to worry about the physical labor.




Magento is one of the best ecommerce website builder


Magento is not going to be for everyone. With a price tag that starts at around $50,000-$250,000. I am sure that you can find other things to do with your money. Magento is the best option for an online eCommerce store if you can afford it. There is a Free version for website developers.


Major Brands that use Magento 


  • Coca-Cola
  • Ford
  • Nike
  • 3M Co.
  • Cisco Systems.
  • Honeywell International.


There are of course more but we don't want to take up too much of your time. So if you are a high-end retailer looking to expand to the best eCommerce platform look no further. 




Wordpress is the best ecommerce website builder. It is actually a CMS but the ease of use makes it even better.


Wordpress is the most popular Content management system that is out. It makes blogging extremely easy and by clicking on some of the free add-ons you can turn your website into an eCommerce store. Wordpress is a user-friendly platform and has lots of video tutorial to look at. It's also SEO Friendly. Some of the perks that come with Using WordPress is that its Open source. If you don't know what that means, it means it Free. Not only is it free there are a lot of developers that are very familiar with WordPress so fixing your site or may customizations can be done in a breeze. Most website hosting providers also have 1 click setups making WordPress extremely easy to install. You can also operate your website on the WordPress system by using their domain instead of your own. I would not recommend that for an eCommerce website though.


WordPress has a lot of different templates to choose from. A lot of them are free but there are a lot of paid ones also. WordPress also has Free and Paid Plugins. The plugin to make your site an eCommerce store is called. WP eCommerce. You can also choose a cool eCommerce theme that matches your niche. Wordpress is just a simple and easy platform to use.



Opencart is one of the best ecommerce website builder

Opencart is an awesome open source eCommerce platform. It is not that hard to use but will require some developer skills to get started and maintain. Once you get the hang of it you'll find yourself not wanting to ever switch. Opencart is constantly being updated with new versions and has a lot of different extensions to make your website how you would like. Just like other open source websites, Opencart is Free. Its back end interface is easy to use. It is already set up for multi-language.




Squarespace is one of the best ecommerce website builder


Squarespace is a truly easy to use eCommerce website builder. If you search online you will find a lot of comparisons that are trying to get you to choose between WordPress and Squarespace. When using Squarespace just like Shopify there is a monthly subscription price that you will need to pay. There are 3 different plans to choose from. 


Squarespace Pricing and Packages

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan 

Annual Plan 







Basic (eCommerce)



Advanced (eCommerce)





One of the downfalls of Squarespace is that you can only use stripe to take payments. That is very disappointing but that may change in the near future.


Best Website Builders


The winner is WordPress


Wordpress is the best ecommerce website builder.


As you see it is not an easy task finding a platform to create your online presence and begin accepting payments from your merchandise. I had to choose as a beginner I would go with Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to use, free and it will not be hard getting modifications done to your website. There are lots of different themes and plugins to choose from.


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. 

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This has been helpful.Great tips. Wordpress is affordable easy and functional so I choose it as a platform.

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01/08/2018, 06:07:50 AM

I intend to use wordpress in the future. I am not looking forward to learning everything new however, to grow we must learn. They offer much more than I have now. Thanks for doing the foot work, I would had to have done this searching the best one eventually.

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I am on WordPress and I love it. Such a great platform.

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Useful information! I have used Spotify for a children's book that I co-authored and found it easy to use. Have not tried the rest though!

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