T-shirt Fulfillment

Print on demand Drop Shipping

Our Print on demand t-shirts service is a simple process. Signup for a T-shirt drop shipping account. We will print your orders and ship them to your customer. This process saves you time and money. There is no need for you to keep an inventory of items that may not sell. Using a T-shirt fulfillment company like us is convenient. Save multiple designs on our website. When your customers make a purchase you simply order. We will take care of the rest. 

Your Artwork

When uploading your logos you will want your image to use the following file format for the best quality prints.

  1. 200 DPI
  2. Transparent Back Ground
  3. PNG FILE or JPG (note JPG files will not have a transparent background. There will be a background color) 

Learn more using the following link to our blog post. We will teach you how to get the best T-shirt printing graphic dimensions.

Print area

Print Area is around 10 x 12 for full size

Print Area is around  4  x  4 for chest print

Add-On Services.

We offer add-on printing services such as 

  • Rush Order Printing

  • High-Resolution Printing

  • Retail Packaging

  • Back Ground Removal

    All our shirts are 100% Ringspun cotton. We have different products to choose from. Some are better quality such as American Apparel shirts. Our print on demand service can be valuable to you.

    Sell your customers your shirt for at least $24.99 with free shipping

    Your Profit could be $10 or more using our regular shirt. If you choose the American apparel brand you need to charge more and profitless. 

    Our Printing Method

    We will use our DTG Printers to fulfill your custom t-shirt orders. So what you are getting from our dtg dropship program is a company that can handle your orders. A company that is experienced and already has a program that is well established. We can handle any amount of orders.


    We have chosen not to use an app at this time. We feel it is more convenient and easy to track orders using our conventional method.