The Best Graphic Dimensions for T-shirt printing

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The Best Graphic Dimensions for T-shirt Printing



When ordering a custom T-shirt, you want to make sure the quality is coming out its best. Well with us we have come out with a formula to get the best results when ordering from us. 


If you are planning to upload your logo to our website, It is best to make sure you have your dimensions correct. We recommend using Photoshop for this. If you have another image editing software you should still be able to get the same results following our formula. 

Image size

When Creating your own shirt in photoshop. Use these dimensions to start.



Vector Logos


If you already have your logo created as a vector file, you will want to convert it to a PNG file extension with a transparent background. You will also want to change the color profile from CMYK to RGB. This can be done in photoshop. Below is photo of how to change profile.




UPDATE: 12/19/2016


We now have a chart to help you match the colors in photoshop that you want to acheive. It is not 100% but it is great at getting very close.

Note: The lighter color greys may not be visible on white shirts so we do not recommend using the greys under 40% black for white shirts.



After you have everything saved you can now continue to uploading your logo.

Congratulations, You have print ready artwork.



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