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The Most Popular T-shirt Size 2017


The most popular size t-shirt. Learn which size is the most common in the USA and which shirt is the least common


The most common size shirts vary every year. Find out the most popular size for 2017 


The most popular size shirt for 2017 is the size Large.


That's correct. We have sold more large shirts this year than any other color t-shirt. Why the size large? I have no clue but something tells me that it will be back different next year. Last year the most common size was Size Medium. Yes, thats correct. We sold more size Medium in 2016 than any other size shirt. Our t-shirt size statistics tells us that each month is different. Some months the most popular shirts might be a size small. So month to month it is unpredictable.


The most Un Popular Size shirt for 2017 is the size 4XL


Yeas that is correct. The size 3XL is a popular size then it skips right to 5XL. 4XL is our least-selling t-shirt. I am kind of glad that the larger size shirts are not as popular as the smaller ones anymore. Printing on the larger size shirts are definitely more difficult to print on. Back around 2003, it seems like larger t-shirts were in fashion. For custom t shirt printers that is not a good thing. Now in 2017, everything is more fitted. Nice soft lightweight t shirts. 


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