How to start a successful t-shirt business

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How to start a Successful T-shirt business



There have been alot of people that found how easy it is to make a profit in the T-Shirt Industry, and because of this, the t-shirt market is turning out to be oversaturated. You will need to separate yourself from the masses, it is critical to find out what will make your shirt business exceptional. Why should a customer purchase from you instead of the other established businesses? Before you even consider starting your new business, You should investigate these few steps. 





When choosing a niche, I recommend it being something that interest you. Example: You have a pet dog. Your dog is a poodle. You often go to dog shows and have other friends that have poodles. You are even part of a local or national poodle club. You have 1000's of celfies with your poodle. It would be a great Idea if you start a online blog with a eccomerce store. Your niche should be about poodles. You already have a large audience. You know alot about poodles and would most likey come up with some great sayings and designs for poodle t-shirts.






Evey one usually has a great idea. The regular "I am going to make millions with this idea".So the question is what makes your designs any different from the other 100,000 designs that look just like yours ? It's easy to think you've come up with the ultimate design, but you will want to know for sure before you start spending all your hard earned savings. You can always Create Mockups and add them to your online store or facebook page to see what others think before having a bunch of them printed.




There are lots of ways to utilize social media and the world wide web. I highly recommend using some of the options below to start your online marketing strategy. Just remember to make your strategy stand out from the other. 


- Blogging 

- Forums 

- Social Bookmarking

- Alibaba

- Etsy 

- eBay 

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Pinterest 

- Google Adwords


- Email Marketing 

There are too many to list ! 




If you don't love a specific task within your new business then it is better to let a proffesional do it. Something such as Marketing. You will spend all your time learning marketing instead of actually selling shirts. The same goes for trying to learn and print shirts for your self. Why try printing shirts when you can do what you love about your business and outsource the rest.

So if you did not already know we are a print on demand t-shirt printing company. We will print and ship your shirts directly to your customers. This will free up your time to use on something else such as sales.




Your clients are the most profitable resource of your business. Treat them well and they will purchase from you again. We have had more than a few orders that it cost us to make a customer happy. In return hope that they will return and spread the word for their friend and family to use you also.


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