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Best Website Hosting


Best Website Hosting. Best time to purchase hosting for your website.


Website Hosting is important for your online Business


If you have an online Business then you should know how important website hosting is. It is crucial that your website remains live especially if your website is your main income earner. When choosing a website hosting company you will want to compare everything and then get the best price. Just remember that you want a professional company to host your website.


The Best Website Hosting Companies


  • Inmotion Hosting
  • BlueHost
  • A2 Hosting
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator


Out of all the Hosting providers above, we have tried Inmotion Hosting, Host Gator, and Godaddy. There are many other hosting names but most of them are owned by the Endurance International Group. Specifically, BlueHost and HostGator are both parts of the same company along with over 30 other hosting websites. 


If you are looking to see what the difference between the hosting companies. Look at up time. Most of them will say that they have a 99.9% uptime. I have noticed that while both Host gator and Inmotion Hosting both say that, I have had more downtime while using Inmotion Hosting then HostGator.


Things to look at while comparing Web Host sites


  • Server type (Linux or Windows)
  • Ram
  • Storage
  • CPU Unlocked
  • Uptime



VPS vs Shared Account


When we all first started our website we most likely went with a shared account. Shared accounts are cheaper and offer us Unlimited everything. Well, you will find out hat the Unlimited word with hosting websites is very well limited. Once your website becomes too large the hosting provider will tell you that you need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server. The price difference between a VPS and shared is at least $500 more a year. It will be a great decision to upgrade to a VPS over a shared server.


When we upgraded it made our website a little bit faster. It also stopped the majority of our emails from going to customers spam boxes. A lot of emails from others were also going to our spam boxes. VPS accounts also give you more access to things that you are going to need to run certain programs on your website. If you haven't noticed we have a custom t shirt website. You can design your very own t-shirt on our website. In order to be able to process this, we need a great web host provider and some unlimited capabilities. 


We also need a lot of storage to keep all the custom t shirt designs that our customers are creating and uploading to our website. So its a no brainer on why we need a VPS Account and possibly a dedicated server in the near future. If you have a website that just consists of a blog then you may be good with a shared account from Bluehost or HostGator. I do not recommend Godaddy for Profession website hosting. If you are wanting a VPS then I recommend either HostGator or Inmotion Hosting.


Where to get Cheap Website Hosting?


  • Wait Until Black Friday or Cyber Monday


If you are thinking about switching your web host provider then I recommend waiting. The perfect time to purchase website hosting is usually Black Friday weekend or Cyber Money. I found that those are the times that you should upgrade to VPS account from a shared account. If you need to renew your website hosting again wait until BlFridayiday to get the best deal. Again after Christmas, I have noticed that some web host providers throw another sale but I would not wait.


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