Buy and sell DTG & Screen Printing Equipment

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Buy and sell DTG & Screen Printing Equipment


Buy and sell DTG & Screen Printing Equipment


Buy and sell new and Used Printing Equipment


Looking for New and Used Printing Equipment? Look no further. We are about to present you with a cool new way to list your products for sale. There are many people that are entering the printing business every day to only find out that it's not for them. A lot of the time it's easier to just outsource your printing to a company that has experience in the printing industry and for you to just focus more on sales. Below I will list some of the top places to find New & Used Printing equipment that you can buy or even list yours for sale.


Where to buy used printing Equipment



Craigslist - There are a lot of people that already know to look on craigslist. It's usually one of the first places you think to look when you are wanting to buy used equipment. I search through there frequently look for equipment for the shop. There are always people leaving the custom t shirt business. - Is a Printing Classifieds website. Best of all its 100% Free. This website is only for things pertaining to the printing industry. Regardless if you are looking for printing equipment and supplies. Or maybe you are looking to hire some. There are sections that you can list. It also has a section to list your printing services.


eBay - Another of my favorites to look at printing equipment. You can usually find a lot of used printers on eBay but they are overpriced. One of the reasons is that they charge the seller a 10% transaction fee on top of a 3% PayPal fee. If a machine is $15,000 you can see that the seller is losing a lot of money in fees from the beginning. Also, eBay does not want you to exchange emails or Phone numbers and sometimes you would rather talk to someone on the phone to get your questions answered.


Facebook Market Place - The Facebook marketplace is still fairly new but is more popular among the younger generation. You will also be able to list items for sale and buy. One of the good things is that you get to usually see a picture of whom you are buying these items from. Facebook also has the traffic so if you are trying to sell something its definitely worth listing on their platform.


So as you can see there are multiple sources for selling used and New Screen printing and DTG Equipment. I recommend trying all of these listed above. The more places you list the better chance you have of getting your equipment sold. The same goes for the more you search when looking for equipment the better chance you have of finding a better bargain.


Feel free to list any more places that you think should be on the list in the comment section below.



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04/16/2021, 01:50:15 PM

have 2 kornit storm hexa's we are selling 2018, 2019

Paul Reid:
04/23/2022, 09:26:06 PM

I have a epson sc f2000 dtg printer, a sprayer, heat press, all accessories, primer and 21in touchscreen computer.

Gary Pritchard:
02/23/2023, 02:29:42 PM

I have two Brothers GT 541 garment printers for sale both need print heads contact # 2094061595. And all so a head doctor for cleaning print heads with all the attachments for it Thanks Gary

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