Who said moving was fun?

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Who said moving was fun?


VPS Hosting Upgrade. Faster Website for t-shirt designing


Who said moving to a new website server was fun?


So we finally moved into our new VPS hosting account. We are currently working out all the bugs so within the next few weeks if you notice any bugs or if the website is slow at times please let us know. We have been working day and night to make sure the website stays up for you. There may have been sometimes in the last day or two that we had a message up about doing scheduled maintenance. Please if you see that message try again later. The good thing is that we are moved in and it can only get better. 


VPS hosting vs Shared Hosting


VPS hosting has given us a whole new space. We now have our own area vs sharing an area with other websites. These websites could ultimately affect ours when you are in a shared hosting environment. This can affect SEO along with other things like sending out emails. When you are using a VPS you have a good amount of bandwidth that is yours. You also get root access to some providers. Other things you get is a dedicated amount of ram. This stops those on a shared server from using all the resources leaving your website moving slow. A slow-moving website is no good for a custom t shirt printing business with a website where you can design your own shirt.


We have tried several different companies and so far we are pleased with the level of customer service we have been receiving. Our old hosting provider we are not too pleased with the customer service we have been getting from them since they found out that we were leaving. Nobody likes a break up I guess, but it was time for us to go. 


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