We are Moving

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We are Moving


We are moving to a new server and a new hosting provider


We are moving to a new server and hosting provider


All good things must come to an end. We have been here from the start but it's time that we move on.  What this means is that things are about to start getting better. Our website is about to speed up and we will be in control of more options. We are constantly building and working on our website and app for you. We want to add more clip art and our site has been growing beyond control. 


Shared Hosting vs VPS


If you didn't know most hosting companies offer you unlimited everything on shared accounts. These packages are far from unlimited. If you hit a certain bandwidth your website may go down or suffer speed throttling. You do not have unlimited disk space either. If you have a lot of pictures on your website, your site may also be suspended. These accounts are good if you have a small static website but not if you have a normal size or large e-commerce website. If you have plans for your site to grow I wouldn't even waste your time using a shared account. 


Emails going to spam folder


There are other reasons why you do not want to use a shared account. When you are on a shared server other websites that are on that server can cause negative effects on your website. One of the issues that we always seem to face was that our emails would go to our customer's spam folder a lot of time. That could have been caused by other websites on our server sending out spam. 


Website speed is slow


If your website speed is slow it can be caused by others on your server. If there is an attack on one of those websites it will also affect yours slowing your website down also. With a VPS you have a set amount of space that is dedicated to you. That means your space is no longer shared with all the other website. You can understand why it is not good for us to have a slow website. If you cant quickly design your custom t shirts on our site then you'll most likely move on to another website that will be able to move clip arts and text quickly.


Search Engine Results


Also if your website is slow it will also have negative effects on your website in the SERPs. That means fewer customers. You want your website to move fast so that search engines like google, yahoo, and bing rank you higher. 


If you have any more information or questions make sure that you do below in our comment section. We would like to hear your experience with the difference between Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and a Dedicated Server.

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