How to start a clothing line

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How to start a clothing line


How to start a clothing line. Learn how to create your own clothing business.



Learn how to start your own clothing line


  • Take your time and plan
  • Start with T-shirts
  • Build a website
  • Get your designs turned to digital files
  • Choose a Quality Shirt or Material
  • Create a digital Mockup 
  • Find a company to print or create your shirts or items
  • Get a sample shirt
  • Start Selling online using a print on demand company
  • Order a bulk amount of your items and ship


Sell merchandise


Starting your own brand is a great way to make some extra money. You may be a local musician, YouTuber, artist, or anyone with a social media following. You definitely should be selling merchandise. Most, if not all entertainers and celebrities have some sort of merchandise for sale. What better idea then sell t-shirts. Getting your supporters to purchase a $10 to $30 t-shirt shouldn't be that difficult. It is a great idea to take them your concerts or events. You can put them for sale on your website, and social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. If you are selling your merchandise online you can use sources like PayPal to collect. They have an awesome invoice system that you can use if you do not have a website set up.


Create Great Designs


Getting started. First You will want to get some awesome designs. Or it can be your brand's logo. It is often better to let a professional create your logo or designs but you can also create your own here on our website. We have 1000's of images to choose from. Lots of different fonts also. 


Keep expenses Low


Make sure your shirts are created with 1 or 2 colors at the max. For most T-shirt printing companies, the fewer colors you use in your design the cheaper they usually are. What does that mean? More profit for you. You can create some awesome 1 and 2 color shirts. Now that you have your design out the way it's time to move to the next step.


Advertise your Business


Let everyone know that you will have merchandise for sale. Take preorders and see how many people you can get to commit. Show mockups of your shirts and let them know that purchasing your merchandise is going towards a good cause. Maybe that cause can be helping you get some better equipment for your shows or videos etc. Once you let everyone in the world know about your new t-shirts let them know again. There is a saying. The one who yells the loudest gets the sale. 


Use Dropship Companies


Where to get your shirts printed. Now, this is not a hard one. Of course, we will print your shirts lol. Ok, let us discuss options. Some companies may have a minimum amount of shirts that you will need to purchase. Luckily the minimum is usually 12 or 24. That is usually not going to get you that awesome price. You may want to start off with a print on demand company. Well, we also provide print on demand but let us tell you why. Print on demand t-shirt companies will print your shirts when you need them. That means you will not need to purchase a lot of shirts up front. You can purchase only when you have a sell. Now, this may be good for online orders but we still recommend having a few shirts with you. 


Keep Merchandise with you


From my experience, people usually will buy what they see in front of them. You don't want to give people too much time to think about all the other things they can spend their money on. That is one of the reasons when you go to Walmart they have a large selection of miscellaneous items by the register. Most people will buy on impulse. 


Now that you have started selling your shirts, you will want to reinvest. Did you sell out? Did you not sell enough? If you sold out and you have a lot of back orders, it may be a good idea to purchase a larger quantity to get the lower price. Again this will make you more profit. If you didn't sell as many as you expected, you may need to try a different design or continue building your audience up. Always keep some merchandise because there will always be someone that will want to support you. 

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