Image Armor b series ink

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Image Armor B Series Ink


image armor b series ink | Brother GT3 replacement ink


Cheaper Brother GT3 Replacement Inks


Image Armor has released their new B series Ink for the Brother GT3 series printers. The CMYK Is Basically more than half and when buying from one of their distributors you can get free shipping included if purchasing more than $150. These ink bags are $99 ea.


Image Armor B Series Ink


  • $99 an Ink Bag
  • 380cc Replacement Bags
  • 35 Second Cure Time
  • Color Matching


When you receive the B-series replacement bags you will need to save your old cartridges. You will need to break the seal on the old cartridges and replace them with your new bags. (Note) Brother may cancel any warranty you may have had if you do not use the standard recommended ink.


You will also want to contact Image Armor first and ask if there is any kind of guarantee towards your print heads. If you have the brother gt381 that means you have 8 print heads. Each printhead is $1295 each. It will never hurt to ask. The brother original inks are great. They produce great quality custom t shirts, but the inks are just too expensive. So I can understand for those that don't mind taking a risk.


Anyway, I look forward to hearing some of your results with using these inks. Let us know in the comments below.


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