How to become a Boss

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How to Become Your Own Boss


How to become your own Boss | Everyone can't be a boss


Everyone Can't Be a Boss


To me, there is nothing better than being your own boss. There is no greater feeling knowing that you are in control of your destiny. At any moment of any day if you are not happy with something you can remove the problem when you are the boss. While being a boss sounds great it comes with more responsibilities than most normal people can handle.


While I am speaking about being a boss I am not referring to a manager, a supervisor, a foreman, lead or any other title. I am referring to the boss. The owner, The CEO, the person that takes all the risk. The person that didn't sleep at night because they were working on building their company.


Becoming a business owner or boss is similar to buying your home. When you are an employee it's like renting a home. You may have a lease but at any time the homeowner can tell you they want to come in and look around your home. They can tell you that you will need to move at the end of your lease or more. When you own your business it's yours. You can make changes as you see fit. If you want to eventually get out the business, you can sell it just like a homeowner can sell their home. Even though I don't think I could ever sell your favorite custom t shirt printing company.


How to become a Boss


  • Take Your Self Serious
  • Be Prepared to sacrifice
  • Start saving right now
  • Invest in your self and business
  • Identify a business that you would like
  • Make a Business Plan
  • Let everyone know


Not everyone can be a boss. Being a boss takes time and sacrifice. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice sleeping in their car to keep their dream going. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice missing Breakfast and Lunch to finish something for their business. Not everyone wants to give up their weekends and only want to work 8 hrs a day. A boss might need to work 20 hrs a day. When you are a boss you either need to do extensive research or pay someone to do that research for you. You will need to make executive decisions and be able to sleep at night knowing that these decisions may have changed the course of others lives. When you are a boss you must take the risk. 


Being a Boss comes with freedom. You see when you work for someone you can never be free. You will never make enough income to be rich while working for someone. Your employer will give you enough to maybe eat out a few times a week pay your bills to take a trip or two and some gas money to get back to work. I mean why would a company pay you what you feel you truly deserve? You didn't sacrifice with them to build their company. 


Not everyone is made for this and there is nothing wrong with that. While being a boss most will miss out on valuable time they can spend with their family. They will lose out on sleep and time to enjoy life. The benefits that a boss see are not necessarily near. As a Boss, you need to understand that things take time. Most of all, when you are an employee you can just pack up and go to another job. As a Boss, you can Never Quit. You are A Boss for Life.

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