Where to get a passport photo

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Where to Get a Passport Photo?


PassPort Photo


I recently had issues finding a place to take a passport photo and giving me a digital copy. There are your normal places like the Post Office, Walmart, Sams Club, Wal-greens and CVS.


My problem wasn't actually that I needed a PassPort Photo. I actually need the photo for a Visa. There are different ways that you can apply for a visa for different countries. Some countries you can just show up at the airport and get a tourist visa. Other countries like Brazil you must already have a Visa given to you by their ministry. 


Where to Get a Passport and/or Visa Photo Taken?


  • Take it your Self
  • The Main Post office
  • Walmart
  • Sams Club
  • Walgreen
  • CVS
  • A Local Photographer


Take the Picture yourself


Now as I said above. I had an issue getting a Digital Copy of my Passport Photo. No one wanted to put the images on my USB Drive or email me the images. They said that they could print 2 copies of the photo. 


So after being tired of driving around trying places and calling I decided to think outside the box. I  own Multiple DLSR Cameras and I also have a Samsung Note 9 that happens to have an awesome Camera on it.


The first photos I took I could not get them to position correctly. I could always edit in photoshop but I don't want to risk them being denied.


I thought about my smartphone. I said to my self there are apps for everything else let me see if they have one for PassPort photos. That is when I came across a couple of apps. the best one I found is called Passport Booth


It worked great. I went over my dad's house and had him snap a couple of photos of me against the rooms white wall. I threw the photos in photoshop and increased the brightness of the picture and voila. A visa Ready photo ready for action. The Best Part is that it didn't cost me anything. Absolutely FREE.


The Post Office


This is where I actually took my main passport photo. At the time I didn't want to risk the photo not coming out how they want them. I can't remember how much they cost.


CVS Photo Center


At first, they said that they didn't think they had the option to give me a digital that is when I saw the kodak machine that they have has the option for both USB 3.0 and shdc cards. He then told the price was going to be $16.99 and an additional 16.99 to put them on my flash drive. A total that comes over $35 


Walgreens Photo Center


Walgreens did not offer the option to give a Digital Copy of the photo at all. I could not remember how much the actual photos were.


Walmart Photo Center


The first Walmart said they were redecorating and were not doing any passport photos at the time. The second Walmart was going to also print the photos directly out the camera. Again no digital copies.


Best Options for Passport and Visa Photos


If you need a Passport photo just get it done at the Post Office. This way you know that it is going to be accepted. A lot of times places like CVS and Walgreens photos don't get accepted because of position or specs.


If you need a photo for an online Visa Application just take the photo your self. That's only if you are computer and app savvy. If not just get one of your local photographers to take your photo and give them the dimensions. 


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