Where to find the Army Coyote Brown T-shirts ?

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Where to find the army coyote brown t-shirts?


Coyote Brown T-shirt. Custom Tan 499 T-shirt

Need Custom Coyote Brown T-shirts?


We have Been supplying the army and rest of the military with custom t-shirts for their units since 2015. Our Coyote Brown T-shirts are fully compliant to wear. They are fit for army regulations. These shirts are not technically called coyote brown. They match the Pantone color tan 499. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


Why do the Army Brown T-shirts Cost so much?


Our wholesale distributors and Manufacturers have these shirts price high so it's not easy giving a discount on these shirts. Also, that means if there is an error on one of the shirts and it has to be scraped then we would also lose more money so a lot of different variables play their part in pricing.


Can you print Full color?


We can print full color on these shirts but I recommend sticking to 1 and 2 color prints. This will keep your army shirts looking more professional.


What Printing Method is used for Coyote Brown t-shirts?


We use two different printing methods but both produce Great results. We use DTG printing and Screen Printing. If you are ordering 50 or more single color shirts we will screen print them. If you have multiple colors in your artwork and are ordering less then 50 then we will use dtg printing. 


Can We design our own shirts?


Yes, you can design your own t-shirts on our website using the clip art that we have or you can upload your own logo. 


Do you ship to APO?


Yes, we ship to APO addresses. We ship a lot of shirts for our soldiers overseas. A lot of our orders go to Afganistan and Europe.


Is Tan 499 and Coyote Brown the same?


If you are looking for army shirts then yes. The Tan 499 are the shirts that you are looking for. Everyone has been calling these shirts coyote brown since we started selling them. These, however, are different from the olive drab that the marines use.


Where are the T-shirts Made?


Soffe is actually manufactured in the USA. We actually have a plant less than 5 miles away from us. The Rothco Brand is Made in China.


What are some Specs on the Coyote Brown t-shirt?



  • This T-Shirt is made to US Army regulations and is fully compliant to wear with both Multicam and Scorpion OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) Uniforms.
  • The comfortable and durable Cotton/Poly crew neck t-shirt has been made to match the Pantone color 499.
  • We use both Soffe and Rothco



Rothco ar 670-1 Coyote Brown T-shirt specs


  • 50% cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Made in China
  • Coyote Brown
  • Rothco Brand


Soffe Coyote Brown Specs


  • Coyote tan - Fully compliant with OCP Scorpion uniform
  • AR670-1 approved with OCP
  • AFI 36-2903 approved with OCP
  • Lightweight and breathable 4 oz. fabric weight
  • Small size chest measurement: 34 - 36 in. (86 - 91 cm)
  • Medium: 38 - 40 in. (97 - 102 cm)
  • Large: 42 - 44 in. (107 - 112 cm)
  • X-Large: 46 - 48 in. (117 - 122 cm)
  • XX-Large: 50 - 52 in. (127 - 132 cm)
  • XXX-Large: 54 - 56 in. (137 - 142 cm)




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