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Where to find a Sponsor



Learn about our Sponsorship Program


We get a lot of requests for us to sponsor teams and individuals. While there are a lot of companies that may not have any requirements there are a lot of them that do. Sponsorship is usually done by larger companies that are interested in extending their name even further. For most small businesses there is no real financial advantage. If you are a company looking to sponsor in hopes of a swarm of sales don't waste your time. There are programs that may be worth sponsoring but not for financial gain. I recommend sponsoring those in your community that could really use the help. Places like the boys and girls club. Places that have less fortunate children. Maybe sponsoring those that have mental disabilities.


Where to get sponsors


  • Create a list of potential sponsors
  • Make sure you are a good fit
  • Be ready to hear some "NO"s


You will need to do your research and create a list of potential sponsors. You will need to make sure that you and the sponsors are a good fit. Don't take it personally. Some companies do not pay for marketing. They also may not have a budget for sponsoring your event. You could be a competitor of someone else that they sponsor. It can just be conflicting with what they do or who they support. The company could have had a bad experience sponsoring others and may just be over it. You will hear NO a lot and its ok. If you keep it up sooner or later you will get a Yes.


How to Get Sponsored


  • Know your demographics
  • Have a great Story
  • Explain what you do 
  • Explain the Benefits the sponsor will get


You need to know who your target audience is. If your audience is young women would you go to a tool company looking for a sponsor? No, well I hope not. It would not benefit a tool company to sponsor you. The tool company would be better off sponsoring a mechanic in a tournament etc. 


You will also need to have a great story. Why should this company sponsor you? We get individuals every day asking us to sponsor them. My first question is why? Why should we give you free stuff? What makes you more special than the last person that just asked. These are things that you need to already have ready. 

Explain what you do and how great you are at it. You will also want to explain the benefits that your sponsor will get. What will sponsoring you or your team do for them. We usually get a call about sponsoring someone and getting a small space in a magazine we have never heard of. That's just not going to cut it. Do you have a large social media following? Can you get this company more sales? If so what is your plan for doing this?


What is Sponsorship?


Sponsorship is financial support received from a sponsor. Sponsorship is usually a form of marketing. You may see large corporations sponsor the Olympic teams or a large company sponsor an event. They do this so their brand or company can get more eyes on them. Sponsorship is also more than putting your company name on the back of someone's t-shirts. You may want to speak at an event. You may want free access to the event along with other amenities. You may want data from the event. All of this needs to be worked out in writing prior.


Is Sponsorship effective for the sponsor?


If this was NASCAR and the winner of the race is driving around in a Budweiser car then guess what? It will definitely be effective. You are getting mainstream brand recognition. Your brand is staying relevant. Someone may want to go out and drink some Budweiser just because they saw the winner drink a Budweiser after winning. 


Will the same thing work for a local team? It may have an effect but most likely it will be minimum. If you are all into investing in marketing then sponsoring may be a great choice for you. 


Need T-shirts Now Sponsorship Minimum Requirements


With all the request we get when it comes to sponsoring we have come up with some minimum requirements. This does not mean we will sponsor everyone that may meet these requirements. These requirements need to be met to just be considered for us to sponsor you.


Requirements for Local Sponsorship


  • Must have placed at least 10 bulk orders with us
  • Must Be Local
  • Must be doing something positive in our community
  • Must be for a good cause
  • Must be of good character and meet any other additional requirements.
  • Amount of t-shirts we will vary
  • Must be a great reason that we should sponsor you


Requirements for Youth Team Sponsorship


  • Must have placed at least 10 team orders with us
  • Must be doing something positive in our or your community
  • Your Team will need to be of good character
  • Must meet any other additional Requirements we may have
  • Amount of t-shirts we will vary


Requirements for a Free T-shirt or Hoodie


  • Must be Local
  • Must be Homeless or are facing financial Hardship or a felon
  • The shirt may be a t-shirt with our logo on it
  • Limited to 1 t-shirt per person unless approved for more
  • Will not be customized
  • Basic Unisex t-shirt
  • The Garment such as Hoodies depend on the season and situation
  • If you are a Felon facing financial Hardship the t-shirt must be used for a job interview
  • Available only while supplies last


As you see there are different ways that you can get sponsored by us. There are a lot of people in this world that need help and we wish we could help everyone but unfortunately we can't so we came out with a list of requirements for those that we can help. In the past, we have given away a lot of shirts for the boys and girls club, Red Cross, The Girl Scouts and more. If you have any more questions about our sponsorship program please leave us a comment below.



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