What to name my website

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What to name my website


The perfect website name will be short and easy to remember. 


We are all about a pleasant and profitable online experience. We believe that deciding what to name your website is an important decision. Purchasing a domain name for your website is the perfect investment. It is virtual property. If you haven’t noticed already online sales are taking over.


Before I would decide on a name I would definitely check googles search engine to make sure no one else is using a name similar to yours. You want to make sure that you are not infringing on someone else’s business. Learn more about how to name a business.


If you already have a business name try to use your business name for the domain name. If you don't have a name yet try to think of a catchy name. Try to write down a good domain list and go through your options. You always want to make sure you are using a unique name.


Tips to use when naming my website.


  • Use keywords
  • Avoid Numbers
  • Target your area
  • Use a catchy name
  • Use a unique name
  • Try searching a good domain list


 If you live in Charlotte, you may want your website name to be something like www.charlottecarwash.com It doesn't really help with self-branding but it makes your website memorable and some search engines it may even make you rank higher when someone in Charlotte is looking for a car wash.You will want keywords in your domain. This not only helps search results but it helps others remember your domain. Our keywords are T-shirts.You do not want to include numbers in your domain name. This will make it hard for people to remember and again you want your domain name to be your business name.


As you can see naming your website correctly is an important task. Try to keep your website domain short and easy to remember.


 The hard part is actually being able to purchase a domain name after you think about it. I have had to literally spend hours checking all the domain names that I've come up with. 9/10 of them are already taken. Most of them just being parked. There are companies that buy domain names with the only intention is to park them. They often mark the prices up to from $250-$20,000. It is also said that some hosting companies will snatch a domain idea from you also. When you type it in their search menu.


Website Name Generator


We have recently come across a cool tool that can be found on Shopify. Its called the business name generator. You can take some words and it'll do a search and give you some results of domain names that are not taken. This is perfect for when you can't think of what to name your next business. With this tool, you can enter the key domain word of your industry and it will go to work for you.



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