What is a Vlog?

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What is a Vlog?


What is a Vlog. Learn What a Vlog is and how to make money.


What is a Vlog? The Definition


What is a vlog definition - a personal website or social media account where a person posts short videos regularly.


The word vlog derives from the word Blog. A blog was started first. It was where a writer would write about stuff and post it to their social media account or website.


After that cameras started becoming more accessible and people started moving on to video. Now Vlogging is actually an important part of marketing now. So that would make you a video blogger if you decide to join the community.


There are different ways that you can vlog. One of them is Live Streaming. You can do live streams on almost all social media accounts now. Vlogging is similar to a Podcast but both not exactly the same thing. Either way, you are still producing video content and sharing it.


How to Start a Vlog?


  1. Start with your Equipment
  2. Create a Social Media Account
  3. Plan your Video 
  4. Shoot Your Video
  5. Edit Your Video
  6. Post Your Video
  7. Promote Your Video


Vlogging Equipment


Vlogging Camera


Starting a vlog is now easier than ever. You do not need $5,000 worth of equipment to start a vlog. The only thing that you actually need is a Smartphone with a great camera. You may want to shoot your video in 4k so if you are thinking about using a Samsung Note 9. 


If you are taking vlogging serious then you will need multiple cameras. Another popular camera is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ii. It has a front facing screen so that you can actually see your self while you are vlogging. You will also want to use a DLSR. 


There are many to choose from Just make sure that yours has 4k capabilities. When you are purchasing your DLSR you will also want to get a tripod, A Few Camera lenses, A external Microphone, You will want to also have some External Lights, A memory card with large storage space.


Vlogging software


Software that you will want to use is adobe premiere. There is a lot of other video editing software out there that you can use but Adobe premiere is considered the best. Another popular video editing software is Final cut pro. You don't actually need a computer because you can upload your videos directly to youtube and your other social media accounts from your smartphone and tablet.


If you are filming in 4k then you will definitely want a computer with a good graphics card. You will instantly notice that you are not able to see previews from your videos with a computer without one.


Where to Vlog?


If you are vlogging you will need social media accounts. You will want to create a Youtube account and upload your video. You will want to write out a good description and an attractive title so that people can find you organically. You will then share your Video on Your Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Clips. 


Plan Your Footage


If you are planning on Vlogging then just like blogging you do not want to go on there rambling. You want to know what you are talking about. Your videos will turn out so much better if you write a script and stick to it. Be aware of everything in your background. The better your background the more interesting your video will be and that will ultimately get someone to watch your whole video.


Post Your Video


You would think that posting your video would be simple. It's not, you should know the best time to post your video so that you get the most clicks. This is where you need to learn about how to market your business. You need to know your audience. You would not want to post your videos if everyone is sleep.


Promote Your Vlog


Promoting your Vlog is important. In your video ask for your viewers to subscribe to your youtube channel. Also, ask your viewers to share your videos. There are also a lot of bookmarking website that you can share your Vlog with. Promote your new Vlog on your Blog.


There are also events where you can meet up with other Vloggers from the Youtube Community. You can learn a lot from these events but you can also promote and network.


Video sharing is also another way to network at these events. Here you get a chance to share your video blog post.


Custom t-shirts are a great way to promote your New Vlog. It is easy to design a t-shirt online with your logo and Youtube channel name.


If you are thinking about starting a vlog let us know in the comment section. If you have any more tips make sure to let us know also.

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