11 Things that keep going missing

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11 Things that keep going missing 


10 Things that keep going missing.


Has anybody seen my Keys? 


I'm sure that's something that you've heard before. Today we are going to go over the 10 things that always seem to get missing. Also while you are at it make sure to check out our website and design a t-shirt with the thing that you always seem to be missing. Custom t-shirts are a great way to bring awareness and help you find your missing items.


Don't be like me


I once spent over an hour looking for my belt. I remember this like yesterday. I was talking on the phone and preparing for work when I remembered that I needed my belt. I searched and searched and searched for this belt. I Knew I just had the belt in my hand but could not remember where I placed it. I came up with this smart strategy. Start from 1 corner of each room and search until I clear each room. I did this with all the rooms, including the Bathrooms and the Kitchen and the Garage and the laundry room and the living room and I still could not find this belt. I even decided to go and look in the car because I couldn't remember if I went to the car already. I had no sign of this belt. Just as I started to give up because I had to go to work I grabbed everything else and closed the door. I reached down for my keys because I wear a clip around the belt hole and wallah. It turns out that I was actually wearing the belt the whole time.


Things That Get Missing List


A list of Items that usually get Missing


11. PassPort


Let's take a look at number 10 on the list. If we needed our passport every day then it might turn to number 3 on the list. You do not want to miss a flight out of the country because you could not find your passport. Even worse would be losing your passport while outside the country and you are trying to get back. To solve this I have a pouch that goes around my neck that I keep my passport inside.



10. Tupperware


Tupperware is something that you will find yourself purchasing several times a year. Not because it gets damaged but because it gets missing before it can make it to a year old. Where does this Tupperware go? Probably with friends and family. Some of it probably goes in the trash. Sometimes we might forget our lunch at work so it gets thrown away. The rest of the time your guess is as good as mine.


9. Forks


Missing forks is the entire reason that I decided to write this article.  I have no idea where all my forks go. After I finish writing this article I am on my to Walmart to buy some more. Just like the Tupperware, these forks must be getting thrown away. There is no other explanation to where they can be going. The crazy part is that I have purchased plastic forks for if I take my lunch to work. So there is no reason they should leave the house or get thrown away.



8. Purse


I Can't say I've ever had a problem with this item because I do not own one but I can say I've heard and seen women looking for their purse. There are 3 places you most likely lose them. Either the car or you left it at work or you left it at home.



7. Wallet


I personally don't lose my wallet. I hang on to this like it had a million dollars in it. I definitely do not want to lose my identification or credit cards. Still, there are a lot of us every day that do seem to lose their wallet. Chances are You left it in your car when you pulled it at while in the drive-through.



6. Socks


Socks always find a way of missing. They are either underneath the dryer on the side of the dryer. I usually don't have this problem because I buy so many packs of socks I just do not notice them missing anymore. Still, you will find that your missing 1 sock out of your favorite pair.




5. Credit Card


If you lose your credit card you will probably find it underneath your couch cushions or maybe in the cupholder of your car. If you can not find them there then chances are that you left it with the fast food restaurant that you visited their drive through. 


4. Glasses


Both Reading Glasses and Sun Glasses always go missing. Sun Glasses get missing because either you don't use them enough or you sit them down everywhere that you go. The same thing can go for your reading glasses. You will just look for your glasses at least 1 time a day.


3. Keys


Keys are still something that everyone has a problem finding. They probably get missing at least 1 time a day and you'll probably spend countless hours searching for. If you can't find your keeps make sure that you check the couch monster.


2. Phone


Your Phone is probably one of the most valuable pocket items that you carry. Just like your wallet, it holds a lot of valuable information in it. Thoughts of losing your phone are terrifying. Today it seems that we will carry our phone everywhere with us. So we will more than often sit it down the first chance we get.




1. Spare Change


Something that you probably have not even noticed that you are always losing it your spare change. Penny, Dimes, nickels, quarters, Yep chances are it will go missing and you will not find it or care to find it again. Where does this spare change always go? In between your car seats and under your couch cushions.


Please feel free to let us know what you are always missing in the comment section below.


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03/03/2021, 11:54:52 PM

why is my stuff randomly went missing by itself without anyone taking it?,before yesterday i used my ruler for my homework,and in the house theres only me and my father,and my mother is far away from home working for few days,and yesterday i didnt even do any homework or doing anything that must use my ruler,but today i want to do homework and found out my ruler went missing for some reason idk why,and usually i finished using anything i will put back in the usual place but i couldn't find it,and these few days im in my own room sleeping or whatever and i feel not safe alone at home,coz my father will go out work for weekdays....welp i guess is a lil strange things happening,im teenager btw.... any idea ?is there any spiritual stuff or something???im terrified-

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