Hotronix Fusion Catches on Fire

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Stahls Hotronix Fusion Catches on Fire


Stahls Hotronix Fusion Catches On Fire.


Learn How our Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Almost caught on Fire.


The Hotronix Fusion looks like a pretty cool heat press. The digital Touch Screen and the draw and swing option along with a removable platen are all reasons enough to make us want to purchase this heat press. 


Shifting Problems with the Hotronix Fusion


Today we will give you our experience when dealing with this heat press. 3 years ago we purchased our first Stahls Hotronix Fusion heat press. Right away the heat press seems heavy duty. About a month in we noticed that we needed to calibrate the pressure of the heat press about twice a week. About 2 years in we noticed that the heat press shifts when you close it down. This can cause you problems if you are using vinyl or dtg and the top of the platen shifts to the right it can slide your vinyl or smear your ink. 


Hotronix Fusion Touch Screen Problems


Year 2 is also when we notice the touch screen started to become laggy. It did not respond as fast and it got worse and then one day we noticed that the touch screen needed to be calibrated. For some odd reason, they decided to make you use a password to get to the settings. 


Hotronix Fusion Touch Screen Calibration


The touchscreen calibration is one of the settings that is locked behind the password. The problem is by the time you need to calibrate the touchscreen you can not because the touch screen is off center. So if you try to push the button ABC it would push the button underneath, instead of the actual letter. Part of the password is a number and to get to the number part, you are unable to type because you need to hold the space bar at the bottom to switch to the numbers but the space bar is at the bottom of the display so when you click it nothing happens. So it makes it impossible to calibrate the touchscreen. I called Stahls and they said I would need a new touch screen. The touchscreen is around $600.


Burning Smell Coming From Stahls Hotronix Fusion


Hotronix Fusion Burning


First, the power switch starts to break, How I do not know. The button seems like it wanted to come out the black housing but the press was still functional. Not too long after that, I came into the shop to smelling something burning. First thing I check is our DTG Printers. Then go over and find out that our fusion heat press smells like a wire fire. After removing the case we found that the back of the touchscreen panel the circuit board and the wires were burnt up.


We are glad that we were able to catch it before it got worse. The fix for this was $600 parts and we installed. We needed all new wires a new power switch and a touchscreen control panel. 


Our Take on the Hotronix Fusion


I still think that the fusion is a great heat press. I think it could do good in a commercial setting at a kiosk at a mall or a hobbyist setting. As far as industrial setting that you are printing 100 or more shirts a day I would not recommend. There are other heat presses out there for this type of setting.


The Hotronix does have a lot of cool features. You can set a time for you press to automatically turn on and off, so that when you get to work you can have them all ready to go. You can set up multiple templates for you different jobs that you do.


Let us know your experience with the Hotronix Fusion? Did this Also happen to you? 

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juan g:
10/01/2019, 04:16:07 PM

We have the same exact problem with ours and the cost to replace the board is so crazy expensive. I am considering to use those $600 in buying a different press. On top of that in less than a year we had already replace some cables for another $150 more. No way the overprice the parts.

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