Stahls New Heated Lower Platen

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Stahls Heated Lower Platen


Stahls Heated Lower Platen. Print on Polyester without Scorching the shirt

Avoid Scorching T-shirts When Using A Heat Press


The New Stahls Lower Heated Platen Is a great idea. If you are familiar with printing shirts then you know that Custom white t-shirts love to Yellow from the high heat. You also know that Polyester Shirts Love to burn also. 


This Heat Platen Works by adding Heat so that you can turn the top Platens Temperature down and the garment will still receive that correct amount of heat to cure the shirt. 

This platen is fully threadable so that you can heat the shirt up correctly. This Platen is around 16x20 and as of today Cost a whopping $995. Me personally I think it might be a great add-on but the price seems too high. I am sure there will be others riding this wave so we will see what the future holds when it comes to Heat Presses.


This platen can be used with some of the Hotronix presses but unfortunately not the Hotronix Fusion presses.


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