St Patricks Day

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St Patricks Day Celebration 2019


St Patrick's day celebration


St Patrick's day is coming today so you can expect a celebration of Irish. Today we are going to discuss what day it falls on this year. We are going to discuss why we celebrate St Patrick's day. Where you can get custom t-shirts to celebrate and more.


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Every year on March 17, Saint Patrick's day is celebrated. It is celebrated with St Patrick's day parades and festivals and a feast day, which include games, food, contest, drinking, and food.


You will notice that a lot of people will be wearing green clothing.


When is St Patricks Day?


Sunday, March 17th, 2019


Why is St Patrick's day celebrated?


His real name was Maewyn Succat. He was from Scotland. The story was that he is responsible for converting Ireland into Christianity. 


The story is that he was actually captured by Irish raiders and was held in Ireland as a slave for a few years. This is when he learned there ways and rituals. He is especially known for the missionary work that he did in Ireland.


What does the Clover have to do with St Patrick's Day?


The Clover was actually something that was sacred to the Druids. Druids were Celtics, basically who were in the area before they became Christians. Back then they would have been considered pagans. St Patrick used the symbol as the Holy Trinity. This helped the Irish want to understand more. 


Who celebrates Saint Patricks Day?


Every Year there are a large number of Irish and millions of people that celebrate. In the United States, the first parade took place in New York City back in 1762.


Why does everyone wear Green on St Patricks day?


Everyone wears green because st Patricks followers believed that the green made them invisible to leprechauns. If you didn't wear the color green it would give them a reason to sneak up on you and pinch you.  


What Are Leprechauns?


In Irish Legend, Leprechauns were fairy-like creatures that were sneaky.


What to eat on St Patricks Day?


Corned Beef and cabbage is said that it will bring you luck if you eat it on Saint Patrick's day.



If you plan on celebrating let us know what you have planned. If you have anything that we have missed that should be added please let us know in the comments below.

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