Spring cleaning 2019

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Spring Cleaning 2019



Learn some New Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is here and you can tell by all the pollen. It's Everywhere, So are the sneezing and sniffles. Recently at one of our offices, we went through and cleaned everything. That meant a lot of throwing away and shredding. We started out with buying new supplies. Below we will give you a list of what to look out for and how you can start your spring cleaning around your office, shop, or home.


Spring Cleaning List


  • Replace your AC Duct Filter
  • Dust off Shelves and behind Display Monitors
  • Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop Floors
  • Clean the base Baseboards of dust
  • Clean and Shampoo all Carpets and Rugs.
  • Shred Old files that are no longer needed
  • Restock Smell Goods for your office
  • Get some nice Low Light Plants
  • Clean marks off the walls
  • Clean the Rest Room areas
  • Clean the break room areas


As you can see you have your work cut out for you. We are going to start out with replacing your AC Duct filter which should actually be changed every 30 days anyway but what better place to start. This can actually save you money by remembering to change this filter. If this filter gets clogged it puts a strain on your ac making it work harder causing your Light bill to go up. It can also start to deteriorate causing more dust to seep through making your office dusty.


Which brings us to dusting off all our shelves. This includes our magazine racks, and bookshelves, our desk behind our computer screens and T.V screens. Dust seems to love behind monitors for some reason. If you have artwork in your office make sure that you are dusting your photos also. In our shop, we usually have a ridiculous amount of dust that comes from the t-shirts. We also have several humidifiers that are required when you print custom t shirts using dtg technology. The humidifiers help keep the dust down but one of the problems is that the dust comes down and sticks to things such as walls because of the moisture in the air. 


You want to make sure you get a good sweep. Sweep out all those corners and vacuum any carpets that may be in your office. Also, mop all those floors. Getting those floors smelling good is mandatory and a good start to your spring cleaning.


If you have never been punished as a kid you may not know about those baseboards. Make sure you get all around those baseboards and get them back looking nice and clean. This is an attractive spot for dirt and dust. This is also an important start to your spring cleaning


Clean and shampoo the Carpets and rugs. You can most likely get someone to come in and clean them faster and cheaper than cleaning them your self. This year we went ahead and cleaned the carpet our self, using products that we have been wanting to use. Again, Just look for someone local to come out to clean them for you to save you some time and money. Having a professional carpet cleaner is great plus they use professional products and equipment that we most likely cannot buy and a local store.


Go in and shred all those old files that you no longer need. All those old invoices that you know you don't need anymore. Shred all that mail and throw away all of last years catalogs. It's time to get some new catalogs and clean out those file cabinets.


One of my favorites is getting all new smell goods. That means candles, wicks, sprays, etc. Having your office smelling good is important. It makes your work environment so much more enjoyable. Things that make happy or laugh can affect the way you handle business. Such as Answering a phone. If you were smiling before you answer a telephone a customer can hear a different tone in your voice from you than if you were not.


Finding the perfect plants for your office can be a difficult task. This year we went out and found some nice low light plants that do not require that much light. These plants not only living up your space but they help you with oxygen by cleaning the air for you. 


So what are you waiting on? Let's go get busy cleaning up our office spaces, shops, and homes. 


If you have any spring cleaning tips let us know in the comments below.

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