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QR code T-shirt Printing



Today we will explain how having a QR code t-shirt is extremely cool and how it can help your brand or business.

First, You can have a mystery image on words on your shirt that no one can see unless they scan it. Lol, How cool is that. You can link almost anything to a QR Code, such as a photo, a word, a website etc. I don't know about you but I think this could be a great idea for a wedding proposal t-shirts ? Or maybe for letting your spouse or family know that your are expecting.


Another great thing about wearing a QR Code blasted on the front or back of your shirt will be a huge conversation starter. It’s like wearing a business card. In our case, we have our mobile app as our QR code. So when someone scans our shirts they automatically get taken to our app.


What this means.


It means that QR Codes are awesome, duh. Anyways no one hardly ever goes anywhere without out their smartphone. It doesn’t matter where it is. We use our mobile devices for everything. Me I am guilty of using the flashlight app more than the phone. So the next time someone tells that person they need some t-shirts, guess who’s getting brought up in the conversation. They will be able to look through their apps and find us. Business cards are disposable, so without our app on their phone, I would have been the person they met but can’t remember.


You can also have your QR code setup as your website, facebook or other social media page. So as you see. Having your QR code on your t-shirt can be a very wise thing to do.


Create your own QR Code and upload it on to one of our t-shirts and let us print them for.


You can create a QR code here. Save it and then come back and upload.


Need A QR Code Reader ?


There are Plenty of scanners on the app store but our favorite QR Code Reader is made by Scan Barcode Pro. It's Called the QR Code Reader. Here is a link to their google play store app


Don't forget to scan our QR CODE BELOW 







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