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Personal Property Insurance Claims



Personal Property Insurance claim. Food spoilage claim


You may be eligible for an insurance claim or a Fema Claim


The Carolinas has suffered from Hurricane Matthew in 2016 which caused major flooding and now Hurricane Florence in 2018. Some people have lost everything and some were not badly affected. A lot of went without power for a few days and may have had damage to our homes vehicles or more. 


If you went without power for a few days and had to throw your food away and have Home Owners insurance or renters insurance that is also known as personal property insurance you may want to call your insurance agent and see if you are eligible for a food spoilage claim. Some insurance companies like USAA made it easy to get your claim through and send you a direct deposit quickly. They may charge you a 100 deductible but at least you can recover some of the money that you spent on food.


Fema Not Covering Food Spoilage


Fema is not covering food spoilage claims but is giving you information on how to file with your insurance. You may be eligible for FEMA if you have had flooding or your house has been damaged. Websites like Airbnb were offering free housing for some people that needed to evacuate their homes and companies like Uber was offering free rides to those that needed to get to a shelter. I personally hope that will be the last hurricane that we see this hurricane season.


Hurricane Auto Insurance Claims


If you had tree limbs and scratches to your vehicles you may also be eligible for an insurance claim. Just remember that you may have a deductible and your insurance policy may go up next year but mine always seems like it goes up every year anyway. Auto insurance policy also covers hail damage. 


Hurricane Homeowners Claims


There may be lots of things that you can file a claim for. You may not have known that if the hurricane damaged your privacy fence and patio furniture or bbq grill you can also file a claim for that. So Check over your house and it is never too late to get a roof inspection. Some companies may check over your roof for free. 


If you have had Damage or want to find out more information here is a link for hurricane disaster relief.


You may also be eligible for Hurricane disaster food stamps. Here is a link for Hurricane disaster food stamps


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