Pearl Automatic DTG Pretreatment Machine

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Pearl Automatic DTG Pretreatment Machine


Pearl Automatic DTG Pretreatment Machine


Pearl Automatic Pretreat machine says it can pretreat up to 300 shirts per hour


If you are looking for a new automatic pretreat machine you cant just skip past the Pearl PTM. While it is an open system there is still a great chance for things like overspray but it definitely will beat using a Wagner sprayer. At one point I think this was a Spectra DTG product or it was at least being sold by Spectra DTG. Now since Spectra DTG has gone out of business It seems like this product is being sold by all the other distributors. Below we list some of the features that make this specific Automatic Pretreatment machine different.


PEARL PTM Features


  • The Price is $2995
  • 16 x 21 Spray Area
  • Pretreat Up to 300 shirts an Hour
  • Spray density is14g-40g of pretreat solution
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 12 Month Warranty


The price of this machine is far from cheap but is it worth it? In my opinion, if it saves you time it saves you money. With you being able to pretreat so many shirts that fast I doubt any of us will have that many heat presses to keep up with the speed that this machine says it can pretreat them in. 


How can it Pretreat shirts so fast?


The Open design is what makes this machine pretreat them so fast. You can just lay a stack of shirts on top of the platen and press the button and let the machine work. You just need to remove the shirts one by one as the machine finishes pretreating them. The Open design can still leave you with residue but from other users, I have spoken with they say that it is minimum.


I am usually not a fan of touchscreen displays because when they go bad the manufacturers usually want to charge you an arm and a leg. I must say this touchscreen makes this machine that much better. It gives you a lot of different options to choose from. It has a price calculator to let you know how much you are spending to pretreat specific shirts. The display also works as a guide to know where to start and stop the spraying.


Pearl PTM Overview


If you are looking for an automatic Pretreat machine this one definitely looks like a winner. Everything from the Speed, the display and I forgot to mention that it's made right here in the USA. I don't know about you but using a Wagner sprayer for your custom t shirts can get tiring. When I say that I am talking about the mess that you are going to need to clean up. A lot of the pretreatment is stick and corrosive and you don't want that on your floors walls or around your equipment. So if you get a chance make sure you check them out


If you have any comments or experience on this machine make sure you let us know in the comments below.




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