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New Product Alert


We just added custom rally towels back to our inventory. You can now design your towels with your logo or family members jersey number to show support at an event.

Custom Rally towels are great for events 


You guessed it. We added rally towels back to our line up. I am sure that you will be pleased with our mockups this time. We now have all the different colors to choose from instead of using that light blue mockup that was crappy low quality. We are pleased that we are able to bring these back. We know, we specialize in custom t shirts but these were such a hit before, so we had to bring them back. 


Rally Towels are a great item to add to your merch. 


A lot of our customers are entrepreneurs. You probably sell merchandise. Maybe you are an artist, music artist, you own a business, have a fundraiser going on? These are items that will get peoples attention. When you have a business or a brand you want to make sure that you are spreading the word and gaining brand awareness. You want your logo to highly recognizable. These towels can definitely do that. 


Rally Towels make great gifts


Looking for the Perfect Birthday or Christmas Gift? Rally towels are traditionally used at sports events with team logos and you can even customize them to have your favorite players jersey on the back. You can give these to a family member that couldn't make it to a big game. They are also keepsakes. They are just great to have. 


Feel free to comment below. Let us know what you would like to see next. Also, give us some input about what you would do with a custom rally towel.


1 Comment(s)

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Great Product....

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