Lebron James Laker Jersey

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Lebron James Joins Lakers


Lebron James Laker Jersey


Lebron James is going to the lakers


Lebron James Lakers Jersey is definitely going to be a hot topic. Sources say he signed a $153.3 million dollar deal. We did a quick check and found that the Lakerstore.com already has Lebrons new laker jersey for sale. So it looks like Lebron will be keeping his number 23 on his new laker jerseys. For Basketball fans around the world, Lebron going to the Los Angeles Lakers is a big deal. You can currently find this trending all across social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some fans are displeased and others are ecstatic.


As a Laker Fan, I am glad that he came to the Lakers. Its been a while since we have been in the limelight and you can bet that is going to change. If you are interested in any LeBron James jerseys or t-shirts check out the Laker store. They currently have them priced at $220 each for the home and Away jerseys. You can find Lebron James T-shirts for around $35.


Early in Lebron's career fans were mad when he went to the Miami Heat to join Dawayne Wade. You can find videos on youtube of fans burning his jerseys when he went to the Heat. A few years back he went back to his home state of Ohio and rejoined the Cavaliers. He took them to the championship 3 times winning the Cavaliers a title in 2016. Today it is currently said that he is currently the best Basketball player in the world

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