Stop Wasting Your Time

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Learn How to Manage Your Time


Learn How to manage your time. Stop wasting time to become successful.


Time is Money and Money is Time


So you want to be successful. Most peoples success didn't come to them overnight. As a matter of fact, they most likely spent a lot of late and sleepless nights chasing their dream. Becoming successful can take some time. There is a saying that time is money and money is time. That is the very much the truth. You go to work and get paid for your time and your energy.


How much is your time worth?


Your time is valuable. If you were to put a price on your time today, tell me how much is your time worth? If you would like a simple straightforward answer just tell me how much you make an hour at your job. That is the going rate for your time. So if you are making 12hr at your job then part of your pay is for your time and the rest is for your energy. The energy can be you answering a phone. Or it can be you swinging a hammer. If you look at this way you will see that you are selling your time for cheap. Time is something that you do not get back. Once it is gone there is no recovering. That is why time, next to your health is your most valuable possession. 


Stop Wasting your time


Now that we have established how much your time is worth you need to stop wasting your time when you are not getting paid. When you watch an award show or movie on t.v. When you play that video game for hours at a time. When you just lay around recovering from a night of drinking with your friends. You are missing out on an opportunity to making your everyday life better.


What to do with your time


  • Start a business
  • Exercise
  • Learn a trade
  • Train on a skill
  • Clean
  • Prepare for the Next day
  • Learn a new Language


If you took that 2 hours that you sat around watching old reruns on t.v or gaming you could have worked out for an hour took the time to start your own business. Having your own business is like buying or owning a house. You are working on your business but at the end of the day, you are going to have something to show for. Regardless if it's your logo, some equipment, some knowledge, etc. It's yours, you can always continue to build on it. When you are working for someone it's like you are renting. You can work there for 30 years and they will tell you that they don't need you anymore. You will leave their company with nothing except what they are giving you. Some 401k account that you have been putting money into. 


Trust me you are not getting younger. A lot of us haven't exercised since P.E class in high school. It's definitely time to get started, and exercising doesn't need to take that much of your time. You can probably get a good work out in with just 1 hr a day. That should be enough to keep your blood flowing and your heart beating healthy. Gym memberships can get expensive but lucky for you it is not needed. You can start your exercising in your own living. Just get started with something like push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks. You can even add squats and shadow boxing. I am sure there are plenty of choices to choose from.


Learning a trade is not as hard as you might think. In today's digital age you really do not need to go to college or take classes to succeed. There are a lot of people that have learned their craft from reading and watching YouTube videos. All you need to do is take an hour a two a day until you feel comfortable to go and get certified in your new trade. 


Training on a skill is something that you can use in your life. Mastering something is priceless. That is something that you will be able to take with you until you die. It normally takes at least 10,000 hours to become a master at something. That is typically around 6-10 years. 


Cleaning up should be a normal part of your day. If you are like me then your day is busy and some things can get overlooked. Such as folding clothes that are in the dryer etc. Instead of watching that t.v show for 30 to a 1hr take that time and catch up on cleaning. For me, I feel better when I am in a tidy environment.


You can never go wrong preparing for the next day. That gives you more time having a fresh start with your new day. Have your clothes picked out and ready for the morning. Look at the weather so you know if it is going to be a rainy or sunny day.


Use some of your time to learn a new language. It amazes me at how many other people from other countries speak at least 2 or 3 languages fluently. You never know when you would like to take a trip and it will make your vacation 100x more enjoying if you can speak the language of the country that you are in.



How to get more time out of a day


  • Stay off social media
  • Let that t.v show go
  • Stop unnecessary internet browsing
  • Stay off the video games
  • Leave the bars alone
  • Wake up early
  • Turn the music off and turn on an audiobook



I don't know about you but social media can become quite addicting. I find my self-needing to take a break. I started noticing my self-clicking on the Instagram app frequently looking at pictures and comments and the same with facebook. You can literally spend hours doing this. Reading unnecessary comments and exchanging conversation with people you dont know. I think social media is a great tool to promote your business but just watch out for the amount of time you spend on them.


That t.v show can slow you down from your productivity. Just imagine that instead of watching it your took a run around the neighborhood every day. Eventually, you would get that body that you have been dreaming about. Not only that you would get some fresh outdoor air. 


Just like social media, the internet is another big distraction. You can literally spend countless hours on the internet browsing different websites. You can find your self-reading different news articles and browsing online stores. The internet is a great tool and you should definitely take advantage of it just remember to not spend to much time on it.


Video games is a big time waster. You can find your self-playing video games through the early morning hours. While they may be fun you can waste a lot of hours playing video games. You can use those hours to help you excel at something you may need on a future day.


So you had a long day at work. You want to take a drink. I understand we have all been there. Have your drink but stay focused. You can have a drink and relax at home. Stay out the bars after work every day. You can use that time for something more beneficial on a later day.


Do you want to get more time out of your day? Wake up early, what better way to get more time. Start your day off as soon as possible. Most of us have a work schedule so you will need to determine what time you should be getting up.


So you have been wanting to read about things such as starting a business or any other book that is going to be beneficial for you. You just can't find the time to do it. While you are on your way to work turn the music off. Instead, play an audiobook. That way you can drive and get the same message. After driving to and from work for a couple weeks you should be able to finish an audiobook withing that time.


We have covered a lot of ground and I know there are a lot more things that you can do to manage your time. If you have any ideas please feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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