How to wash DTG Printed Shirts

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How to wash DTG Printed T-shirts


Learn How to wash DTG Printed T-shirts


Washing DTG printed shirts are different from washing other methods because of the material used is different. With Dtg printed shirts the ink is laid into the fabric which would be different from a vinyl printed shirts.


How to wash a DTG Printed shirt?


Step 1. Turn your T-shirt inside out.


Step 2. Fill your washing machine with cold water.


Step 3. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach.


Step 4. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.


Step 5. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.


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D Haynes:
03/12/2017, 09:17:48 PM

Your last step says low heat for the washer, you probally meant low heat setting on the dryer. Thanks.

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