How to edit multiple images at once in photoshop

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How to edit multiple images at once in photoshop?


How to edit multiple images at once using photo shop. Learn how to speed up this process using batch action record metod.


Learn how to automate photoshop using actions to batch edit files



Today we will be going over how you can batch edit files in photoshop. I recently had a problem where I saved a large number of images of custom t-shirts as JPG file types instead of PNG File type. Now it took a good amount of time for me to go through and save all those files initially. Then I remembered a method I used in adobe illustrator when I had to resize thousands of images into a box the size of 100x100. If I did not use a script or action it would have taken me weeks to get that done. So when this same type of problem popped up I knew it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I first started by making another new folder. I made sure I named it with PNG at the end so I would know which folder needs to be my outsource. I then made an action. You will be able to see how I made the action in the video below. It may be complicated reading how to do it so we made a video tutorial instead. 


Let's Start by creating an action in Photoshop


  • While in Photoshop go to Window and select action
  • Create a new Set and name it
  • Create a new action and name it
  • Click record
  • Perform the process you want it to do to all the files. (Remember it is recording everytime you push the mouse button)
  • Once you are done hit the stop button


Now let's Automate a Batch edit in Photoshop


  • Go to File and select automate and batch
  • Choose the folder step that you just made
  • Then choose the action that you just made
  • Choose your source folder
  • Choose your destination folder
  • Click ok 
  • Congratulations you just automated a batch edit in photoshop


If you have any advice or any additional methods that you use to get this done please feel free to comment below.

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