How a T-shirt is made pt 3 (The People)

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How a T-shirt is made Pt 3



In Part 3 of the series this video talks about the people behind making the t-shirt. How differently two different countries workers live.




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The People that make t-shirts usually work long hours and live in countries such as Bangladesh, Colombia, Mexico, etc. Some of the countries like Bangladesh depend on the t-shirts market to continue to make their lives better. It is said that Bangladesh workers work long hours and are paid lower wages than another developed country like Colombia, where the wages are four times higher. In Colombia, the t-shirt manufacturing market is just another business. In Bangladesh, it is their lifeline. 


Here in the USA, we have companies that manufacture t-shirts here. As you can imagine our factories are a lot safer and the workers are paid competitive wages. With made in the USA products also means the shirts will cost a little more.  

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