How to make A Million Dollars

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How to make a million dollars


Learn How to make a million dollars online. Making a million dollars is fairly easy.


How to make a Million Dollars


  • Invest
  • Start a business
  • Become the CEO of Your Company


Want to know how to make a million dollars? There are a lot of different ways to do this. Today I will give you some insight into ways to make your dream become reality. So You want to be a millionaire. Things that you need to ask your self is Why. Why do you want to be a millionaire? Do you want to work hard to become a millionaire? How fast do you want to make a million dollars? There are a lot of questions that can go with this.


Can I make a Million dollars working a regular career?


Well that depends, are you the President or Ceo of your company? If not I truly doubt it. Unless you are a high priced lawyer or a Top Paid surgeon then I do not think you can make a million dollars quickly. You may need to invest. Or you can always run for Congress or become a senator. 


Top Paying Careers in the USA


  1. Physician - $196,000
  2. Congresman - $174,000
  3. Senators - $174,000
  4. Pharmacy Manager -$146,000
  5. Pharmacist - $127,000
  6. Enterprise Architect - $116,000
  7. Corporate Counsel - $116,000
  8. Software Development Manager @109,000
  9. Physician Assitant - $109,000
  10. Software Engineering Manager - $108,000
  11. Nurse Practionaire - $107,000
  12. Software Archictec - $106,000
  13. Engineering Manager - $106,000
  14. Application Development Manager - $105,000
  15. Plant Manager - $104,000


As you see Most low end 6 figure jobs you are definitely going to need a degree and years of experience to reach the manager title as most of the positions on this list are for managers. If you save your money you should have the opportunity to save up to a million dollars.



How to Make a Million Dollars in a Year


Making a Million dollars in 1 year is really not that hard when you think about it. To make 1 million dollars in a year you would need to make no less than $2740 a day. That's right if you make $2740 dollars a day you can become a millionaire. You probably have the tools and the resources to do that right now. Especially if you are an established business. I will break it down to you how our custom t-shirt printing business has the potential of making well over $3,000,000 a year. 


As you probably know we have an online business. We print custom t-shirts and sell them online and ship them out to our customers. With the dtg printing machines that we currently have, we are capable of printing at the bare minimum of 10 shirts an hr. 10 shirts an hr at the cost of $10 a t-shirt and gives us $100 an hr. 


Working a 10 hr day that gives us a $1000. That's a $1000 a day with only one dtg printer. We have 4 dtg printing machines. That's $4,000 a day minimum that we have the potential to make. Again that was minimum. Our printers actually can Print up to 50 white t-shirts an hr. 


We could actually retail t-shirts for $24.99 each. If you add that up that will be around $1250 an hour. $1250 an hour x 10 hrs a day comes out to the potential of $12,500 a day we have the potential to make. $12,500 x 20 days a month come out to $250,000 a month. Times $250,000 a month by 12 and you get $3,000,000 a year. If we really wanted to make more than that we could run 12 hrs a day and we could run 6 days a week instead of 5. That would put us well over $3,000,000 a year printing custom t-shirts


How we could make $1,000,000 a year Minimum


  • Print 10 t-shirts an hour each printer
  • Charge $10 each t-shirt
  • That makes $100 an hr x 10 hr shift
  • That Makes $1000 a day each printer
  • We have 4 printers. That makes $4000 a day
  • $4000 a day times 20 days = $80,000 a month
  • $80,000 a month times 12 months = $1,600,000 a yr.


This method will work with almost any business. You could be selling any type of item that would perform way better than our t-shirt printing business. Can you imagine selling food?


How to make a $1,000,000 a year selling food


  • Sell 30 plates of food an hour
  • Charge $10 a plate
  • That makes $300 an hr x 10 hr shift
  • That makes $3000 a day
  • $3000 a day times 30 days = $90,000 a month
  • $90,000 a month times 12 months = $1,080,000


If you look at a Chic fila drive-through line you may notice that this shouldn't be too hard as they do 20x these numbers easy by selling Chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.


How to make a million dollars online


How to Earn a Million Dollars selling Products


  • $25 Product x 40,000 Sales
  • $50 Product x 20,000 Sales
  • $100 Product x 10,000 Sales
  • $1000 Product x 1000 Sales
  • $10,000 Product x 100 Sales


It is no secret that people become millionaires by selling simple products that end up selling for millions. Above is a chart that demonstrates how many products you would need to sell to make your dreams come to a reality. All it would take is for you to invent something useful and start selling some products. You actually do not need to invent anything. You may just know how to market a product better and buy them at a cheaper rate and sell for a higher price. Either way, you have the potential to become a millionaire. 


How to Make a Million dollars from Subscriptions


  • 5000 People Pay $17 dollars/ a month, for 12 months
  • 2000 People Pay $42 dollars/ a month, for 12 months
  • 1000 People Pay $83 dollars/ a month, for 12 months
  • 500 People Pay $167 dollars/ a month, for 12 months
  • 300 People Pay $278 dollars/ a month, for 12 months
  • 250 People Pay $333 dollars/ a month, for 12 months


These numbers are really not that hard to do. How hard is it to get people to sign up to your subscription. Maybe you have an online class where you give tutorials. Or you create some time of streaming similar to your videos that contain information that others need. Or you create an app that is very useful.


How to make a Million dollars before 40


If you start saving at the age of 18 years old, this is not actually that hard to do. When I first started my decent job at 18 the lady told me that if I enter 10% of my income every pay period and left it alone that by the age of 40 I would have a million dollars in my 401k. Most companies match your 401 contributions so why not put some money in there. It's like getting free money. You can make a million dollars by entering the stock market. 


With stocks and bonds and a lot of smart investing you are capable of making a million dollars. Your overall goal should be increasing your net worth.


There are other ways that you can invest to make a million before the age of 40. That includes investing in your self. Your own brand. Start your own business. I recommend that you build a list of ideas. This will give you a better chance to execute your goals. Today it is easier than ever to make money online since we all have accessibility to the internet. 


Its actually right at our fingertips just by picking up our smartphones. If you live in the United States you can make money by starting a blog and making money from affiliate marketing and making money using Google Adsense ads. The reason I said if you live in the USA is that google ads pay more CPC for USA Website, but you should still be able to do it without living in the USA. You just need to be focused on making a million online.


Take advantage of the tools that you have. Use your credit cards to build your credit up. Credit is just as good as cash. You can use the bank's money to invest in your idea. Or you could use your credit to invest in real estate. If you started buying your house at the age of 20 years old and choose a 15-year loan that means you would have a house paid off at the age of 35.


You could then repeat the process and either sell your property or use it as a rental property. That surely alone won't make you a millionaire before 40 but it will definitely help. It may not be smart but you need to start investing to become a millionaire. You can use your credit and use your emergency fund to finance your dreams.


Dream big and Believe


With all the advice that I have just given to you in this article, it does not mean anything if you do not dream big and believe that you can accomplish this. It's a lot easier than people to think but everyone usually gives up before they get started. I see people do this all the time. They go out with these new ideas and plans to start a business. They may even go and buy equipment and buildings to find that it was not as easy as they thought it was going to be.


If this was meant to be easy then everyone would be doing this. The business world is not meant to be easy. At least not at first it's not.


You will notice in life that the more money you get paid for something the easier it seems to be. Just look at this way. Laborers usually do all the hard work. This may involve something strenuous as using a pick and crushing boulders. Then picking up these large rocks and placing them somewhere. 


This is strenuous work and probably pays around $10 hr. Now the people in the office are probably taking it easy in a climate controlled office taking it easy making at least $60,000. 


My point is the boss is meant to pay people for the things they don't want to do. You play people so that it frees up your time. That is why you always hear the saying time is money and money is time. Money buys you time or someone else's time.


Crowd Funding and Donations


You can always just ask for it. Those that don't ask won't receive. Today with all the online technology you are able to receive donations online. Have a great business idea? Let everyone know. There are websites where you can request crowdfunding.


You can also ask for donations to help fund your new business ideas. You are able to take donations with apps like cash app and PayPal donations. I believe you can even send money on facebook.


Let us know what you think about our article. Is it as easy as it seems? Does it motivate you to go out and get started with your business ideas?

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