How to get ink out of your shirt

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How to get ink out of a shirt


Getting ink out of clothing. Learn how to remove ink from your t-shirt.


Ways to remove ink from a shirt


First things first when removing ink from a t-shirt you need to follow some very important rules. Below I will list some steps that you will need to take. These steps are just important as the ingredients you need to remove the stain.


  1. Move quickly. 
  2. Do not Rub it with anything. Blot it on with another piece of cotton fabric or a cotton ball. 
  3. Stay away from heat. Do not use heat around the shirt until the stain has been removed.


It is important that after you get ink on your clothing that you start to move fast. Grab one of the ingredients below and research them to find which will work best for your particular stain and clothing. You can not use any ingredients on certain fabrics so to avoid damage make sure you research.

Products to remove ink from a shirt.


  • Use a Stain Remover
  • Use rubbing alcohol
  • Try nail polish remover
  • Try salt
  • Try a milk bath
  • Hair Spray?


I would not recommend mixing any of these products so as we mention above research what you are using and how it will help you conquer your task. Also, it is very possible that trying these may cause unsatisfactory results.


Stain remover - sounds like the best option. You will preferably want to use a  brand that maybe advertises ink stain removal. I have used this method for removing ink from clothing before and it worked. 


Rubbing alcohol - is another trick that I use for small minor stains. It may not work the same on different materials or clothing.


Nail Polish Remover - I have never tried this method but I have found a lot of positive reviews on using fingernail polish remover.


Salt, Vinegar & Milk - You can try rubbing salt into the shirt and leaving the part of the shirt overnight in a bowl of milk with vinegar.


Hair Spray - Is a popular method or should I say myth. It uses to work because of the alcohol in the hairspray. Today a lot of hairsprays are alcohol-free and even if it wasn't why not just use Regular alcohol anyway?


How we get ink out of custom t-shirts


Out of all the methods that were said above, I use the alcohol method with another unusable cotton custom t-shirt. I usually pat the ink stain on the shirt until I see it start coming out. I then use the cotton shirt like a rag and gently rub the spot. This is the method that I can tell you works for me. The inks that I am referring to are waterbased inks so it may make a big difference if the inks are solvent or dye.


If you have any experience with removing ink from your shirts or clothing, please feel free to leave us a comment below. I would love to hear some of your ideas.


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