Free business phone number

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Free Business Phone Number


Free Business Phone Number. Learn how to get a free Business phone number. 2 phone numbers on the same phone



Learn how to get a free Business Phone number


Today I am going to give save you some time. While there are many web searches of people looking for free business phone numbers there is only one reliable company that offers a 100% free phone number that I recommend for a business and that is google voice.


List of Free Phone number apps


  • Google Voice
  • Youmail
  • Talkatone
  • Freetone


This list can provide you with another number but are they all worth trying to use as a buisness number? I can tell you that google voice is King. All you need is a Gmail account and you are able to get a free phone number. Thats right, you can have 2 phone numbers on your phone at one time. Google Voice gives you acceptional call quality unlike Talkatone. Talkatone gives you a free number but it is laggy and sometimes hard to hear. 


Google Voice allows you to text, send pictures, Recieve and send calls. You can set your phone up to have two distinct ringtones using google voice also. Click here to learn How to have a different ringtone for google voice number. You can also get Voice mails with a Transcription. Google voice also has a feature to screen calls but I do not recommend that if you are using this as a business phone. Call forwarding is a breeze. If you are signed into gmail on your computer or tablet they will even ring and give you the option to awnser. 


So to some this all up. Get you a google voice number if you are looking for an inexpesive way to have 2 phone numbers. When we first started out we used our free number from google voice for our Custom t shirt business. It was also very easy to port over when you are ready to. 


Let us know in the comments below if we are missing any other great places to get a free phone number.



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