Football Team Name Ideas

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101 Football Team Name ideas


101 Football team name ideas. These names are perfect for fantasy football.


Today we have compiled a list of the most toughest Football team names that we could think of. These names will be great for your fantasy football names. Also if you want to get some custom t-shirts with your team's logo and name and number on the back we can print them for you. Just check out our website and click design a t-shirt to get started.


Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas


  1. Annihilators – Don’t just dominate – annihilate!
  2. Avengers – No one gets away with wronging any of you.
  3. Bad to The Bone – Not an ounce of goodness in either of you.
  4. Black Panthers – Name yourselves after badass civil rights activists.
  5. Black Widows – For a group of girls that don’t take crap from men.
  6. Blitzkrieg – A team that drops more bombs than the Blitz.
  7. Braindead Zombies – You can’t reason with these monsters.
  8. Brewmaster Crew – For a team that loves to chug a few beers together.
  9. Brute Force – When you all agree it’s the only way things can get done.
  10. Butchers – If anyone messes with you guys they’ll end up in pieces.
  11. Chaos – Disorder has been restored.
  12. Chargers – Bring down all in your path.
  13. Chernobyl – More radioactive than a nuclear explosion.
  14. Collision Course – Don’t get in the way of these guys!
  15. Deathwish – You guys will take any risks.
  16. Defenders – You keep the righteous safe.
  17. Demolition Crew – Your team literally brings down the walls.
  18. Desert Storm – After the military operating to invade Iraq.
  19. Divide and Conquer – Your team is known to break down their opponents and dominate them.
  20. Dominators – You guys don’t just win every competition, you dominate it.
  21. Dropping Bombs – Hammer all in sight.
  22. End Game – When you guys get involved the game won’t last too long.
  23. Enforcers – The ones that keep the peace for the mob.
  24. Fire Starters – The actions you guys take bring the whole house down.
  25. Gargoyles – Not a pretty bunch to mess with.
  26. Gatling Guns – The first ever machine gun.
  27. Ghost Riders – Great for a team that loves motorbikes… and ghosts.
  28. Gorillas In the Mist – A team of savage apes hidden in plain sight.
  29. Grave Diggers – They won’t necessarily bury you dead.
  30. Gunners – Shoot down all who oppose you.
  31. Guns for Hire – Like mercenaries, but a bit cooler.
  32. Hammerheads – After the deadly sharks.
  33. Hell’s Angels – Name yourselves after the most notorious biker gang.
  34. Hellraisers – Your team brings hell to the surface.
  35. High-Voltage – Danger of death!
  36. Insurgents – Highly organized rebels
  37. Jawbreakers – If someone pisses you guys off their face won’t look the same after.
  38. Justice Bringers – The team that decides who does right and who does wrong.
  39. Lethal – Even small doses of you guys can kill.
  40. Little Boy – After the first nuclear bomb that was ever dropped.
  41. Mean Machine – No one is meaner than your squad.
  42. Mercenaries – What’s more badass than a bunch of hired killers?
  43. Mud Dogs – None of you are afraid to get dirty.
  44. Mutiny – There used to be a boss, but you guys left him on a desert island.
  45. Neck Breakers – Keep your necks away from these guys!
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  47. Nemesis – You guys have many arch rivals.
  48. No Fear – Nothing scares you guys.
  49. No Rules – Badasses don’t need rules.
  50. No Sympathy – Sympathy is for the weak, right?
  51. One Shot Killers – You ace anything on the first attempt.
  52. Pulverizers – Your enemies are unrecognizable after fighting you.
  53. Rage – Not a good idea to anger these guys.
  54. Raging Bulls – Angry and strong.
  55. Rhinos – One of the toughest living mammals.
  56. Savages – Those that live without rules.
  57. Shock and Awe – The landscape looks a lot different after you guys were here.
  58. Skull Crushers – Nice and terrifying.
  59. Slayers – Dragons don’t exist because you guys killed them all.
  60. Soldiers – No one is more honorable.
  61. Soul Takers – No one is quite the same after meeting your team.
  62. Speed Demons – Speed limits don’t matter.
  63. Stone Crushers – I don’t think many can crush stones with their bare hands.
  64. Street-sweepers – Your team keeps the streets safe from bad guys.
  65. Tech Warriors – You may all be techies, but you know you’re all as tough as they come.
  66. Terminators – What’s more deadly than The Terminator? Terminators.
  67. Terrorizers – After you’ve met these guys, you’ll always be paranoid.
  68. The Arsenal – You all own more weapons than you care to remember.
  69. The Badasses – Plain and simple badass team name.
  70. The Bane of Your Existence – You guys make that special someone especially miserable.
  71. The Barbarians – More or less the same as the above.
  72. The Blazers – A team that makes it Smokey wherever they go.
  73. The Bulldogs – Poodles beware!
  74. The Demented – A team of tortured souls.
  75. The Enemy – The foes of everyone.
  76. The Fighting Irish – When you’re all Irish or all of Irish heritage and love a good fight.
  77. The Firing Squad – You all enact justice at the same time.
  78. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse – When all four of you unite the world will end.
  79. The Frontline – You guys lead the way in any fight.
  80. The Hit List – When you all join together to get revenge.
  81. The House Thrashers – If your team goes to a house party, they’ll be a big mess in the morning.
  82. The Intimidators – Your team’s presence can convince anyone.
  83. The Mean Ones – When you’re known for your mean words.
  84. The Mongolians – The only people tough enough to conquer Russia!
  85. The Outlaws – You guys are always in trouble with the law.
  86. The Pitbulls – The most aggressive dogs around.
  87. The Punishers – Prison is too good for your enemies.
  88. The Reapers – The last thing people see before they die.
  89. The Rebellion – Here to bring down the ruling class.
  90. The Security – You guys keep the order.
  91. The Storm Bringers – It’s always so peaceful before you all show up.
  92. The Tribe – For the team that has connections back to the Stone Age.
  93. The Unredeemable – You guys will never do a good deed.
  94. Trigger Happy – You guys like guns a little too much.
  95. Vandals – When your team is known to trash every place they visit.
  96. Veterans – For a hardened team of ex-military personnel.
  97. Vigilantes – Your team makes their own rules
  98. Viking Raiders – You come in fighting and destroy everything in your path.
  99. Warmongers – Your team doesn’t just find them yourselves in fights, they start them.
  100. Weapons of Mass Destruction – Vaporize all in sight.
  101. Your Worst Nightmare – We’ll stalk you in your dreams.


If you think you have some better names let us know in the comments below. 


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