1 hour t-shirt printing

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One Hour Shirt Printing


Fast T-shirt Printing. One Hour or less. We print Custom t-shirts and can have delivered the very next day. We are the fastest t-shirt printing company in the USA. We specialize in rush orders. Need T-shirts Now saving the day with lighting speeds.


We can Print Custom T-shirts in 1 Hour or Less


When it comes to rush order tee shirt printing we are one of the fastest t-shirt printing companies around. Not only can we print your t-shirts in one hour or less we can get your shirts shipped out to for next day and Saturday delivery. I must warn you that it is not cheap. We understand that these shirts make memorable moments and we try our hardest to help any and everybody. We understand that things come up at the last minute. We get customers calling us 30 minutes before the post office closes asking us to get a shirt out to be delivered the next day. 


How we print your t-shirt in 1 hour or less


We use state of the art t-shirt printing equipment. Our Dtg printer can print one single shirt in less than 1 minute. So why do not advertise for printing shirts in less than 1 minute? That's easy because there are a lot of you wanting your shirts in less than 1 hour. Plus we have to package your shirt and print the shipping label. Rush orders have always been our specialty. As you Noticed our name is Need T-shirts Now™.  So if you need some rush tees check us out.


T-shirt printing Cut Off Time


USPS Cut off time


Our cut off time is normally 3:30 pm for USPS but we have been known to receive order at 4:20pm and get them to the post office before they close at 5:00 pm


UPS Cut off time


We have a little more time in the day to get orders out that are shipping through UPS Ground Service. They do not close until 7:30 pm. For UPS Air we need to have the packages there by 7:00 pm. Also if you are in North Carolina or the southern parts of Virginia or the Northern Parts of South Carolina there is Next day delivery when using ground services. The only thing is that it's not guaranteed. The only guaranteed service is the UPS Airmail.




Custom T-shirts fast Turn around


We are one of the only companies that offer a next day delivery. Others take at least 3 days minimum. We on the other hand even offer Saturday delivery with the UPS and the post office. If you are looking for cheap custom t shirts with a fast turn around look no further. We will overnight custom t shirts for you.


Over Night Custom T-shirt Process


  • Receive your order
  • Process the order and Print the invoice
  • Check your artwork
  • Load it into our rip software
  • Pretreat Your shirt can remove moisture using the heat press
  • Load your shirt into the DTG Printer and Print
  • Cure the ink
  • Fold and Package your shirt
  • Print the shipping label and Shipout


Our Process seems tedious but is effective. Each of these steps plays an important roll in making sure we can rush your tees. We definitely need to make sure we have your invoice so the shirt doesn't get shipped to the wrong customer.


We try to do a quick look over of your artwork to make sure there are no unwanted blemishes that we can easily spot.


The rip is the software that transfers your image to your shirt. We need to make sure our settings are correct using our experience to try to match up your artworks colors.


The pretreat can cause your prints to look dull and have bad print quality if not done right. This process can also make your shirts fade if not done correctly. This is the mistake of a lot of newer printing companies. Our experience makes sure that your shirts are pretreated just right.


Curing the shirts needs to be done for the exact amount of time. Under curing can also cause your shirts to fade easily. We also do wash test at least once a week on test shirts to make sure that our shirts are holding up before printing on your shirts.


Thanks for joining us and feel free to let us know what you think. 

2 Comment(s)

Adrian A.:
01/23/2017, 04:09:14 PM, orbitimprints.com

Wow! Printing T-shirts in one hour or less is definitely fast. Skills, technique, and very good equipment is necessary to this off. Out of all the printing processes there are for custom t-shirt printing, DTG is the fastest. So it makes sense you use this printing process to achieve the one hour turn around time.The 3:30pm cut off time is also not bad at all. You guys are pretty impressive.Keep up the good work!

smith miller:
03/20/2019, 03:58:24 AM

This looks cool, only 1 hour to have the custom printed t-shirt is awesome. This will be very much helpful for quick events and birthday gifts etc. which have only short time planning and execution.

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