Facebook and Instagram Not working

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Instagram and Facebook Book not working


Facebook and Instagram not working


Has anyone else noticed that Facebook and Instagram were not working yesterday? There are some people that are still noticing issues with Instagram.


Instagram Not working


On one of my Instagram accounts, it would not let me view my profile. On another account, it would not let me view likes and comments. 


Facebook not working


I did not notice any issues with my facebook but there have been a lot of reports of people having issues with Facebook also. 


Using Social Media to make money


A lot of people use social media to make money. When apps like Instagram are not working that can mean that someone is losing money. Instagram and Facebook is a good platform to promote your services and products.


We love to use them to promote our custom t-shirt website. You can design a t-shirt on and we will print and ship your shirts to you. 


Some people sell cars on Facebook or offer their photography services. There is a lot of different things going on so I hope they can keep them up.


If you were experiencing any issues with one of your social media profiles let us know in the comments below. Let us know what type of problems you are or were having.

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