Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas 2019


Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Just writing about this makes me wish I could just revisit my childhood again. While I don't remember participating yearly I can remember a couple of times that I did. I enjoyed searching for Easter Eggs as a Kid. I also enjoyed painting them.

If you are planning on having an easter egg hunt it will be a great idea to give all the participants custom t-shirts. You can actually design a t-shirt on our website. We have a lot of different clip arts that you can choose from that can be easter related. 


5 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


  1. Let the kids Paint the Hard boiled eggs
  2. Use some plastic eggs to add money in
  3. Add perks in some of the eggs
  4. Make 3 eggs with top prizes
  5. Decorate Easter egg baskets


Paint Hard Boiled


Painting Hard boiled eggs is something that I enjoyed doing as a kid. It's fun and also creative. You can use acrylic paint for hard boiled eggs. This is something that you should be able to find at Walmart or Michaels, Ac Moore, and Hobby Lobby.


Use Plastic Eggs


Using plastic eggs can also be fun. You can put chocolate candy in the eggs and hide them. You can also put other things like rare coins and money. You can go to the bank and get some $.50 cent pieces and 2 dollar bills to put in the plastic eggs.


Use Perks for Prizes


It will always be awesome to add some perks like slips that allow certain privileges. Some may include things like, stay up 15 minutes late. Or an ice cream time slip. Maybe a trip to the dollar store or bake cookies.


The Golden Egg Top Prize


Make maybe 1 or 3 eggs as the top prizes. Maybe add a $5, $10, and $20 bill. Or more depending on your budget. Nothing excites kids more than knowing they are searching for the top prize also.


Decorate Easter Egg Baskets


You may want to have the kids decorate their own personal Easter egg baskets. This is something else that will add to the fun day that they have planned ahead of them. You can find a lot of different decorations at Hobby Lobby or other stores.


If you have any other ideas for Easter egg hunts please let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know how your childhood Easter egg hunts were.

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Thank you for your listed ideas especially with Easter around the corner.

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