Drone Ideas

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Drone Ideas. What to do with a drone?


Drone Video Ideas


First I need to let you know that nothing on our blog can be considered 100% facts. We are a custom t-shirt company where you can design a t-shirt online. 

We just so happen to blog and like to give an option to express your self. Nothing on here is legal advice and tips or tricks that we give, we must warn you to try at your own risk.


Drone Video Ideas


  • Use it on your vacation
  • Use it to for your kid's sports matches
  • Use it to look around your neighborhood
  • Use it to make money
  • Use it to race


There are a lot of people that own drones. They are great at recording videos and are fun to fly. I personally like my drone but wish I had more time to fly it. Let me explain more on what you can do with your drone.


Your Vacation


I recently traveled to Medellin Colombia. I put my drone in the air and got some great footage. Beware some countries do not allow flying your drone without some type of license or permission. Such as Dubai and Thailand. I flew my drone over the Comuna 13 area that would be great to use in my youtube video. You can also use it to follow you around if you and your friends decided to go ride 4 wheelers or if you were hanging out on the beach in the Dominican Republic. 


There are too many uses for a drone. Just remember to find out everything about the drone laws to where you are going. Also, check with your airlines about bringing your drone. Most want it in your carryon but some places like Emirates airlines want it in your checked luggage but the accessories such as the batteries in your carry on.


For your Kids


If your kids are into sports, you might want to use your drone to cover the match. You might get some exciting footage of them scoring or doing a trick move. You can later use that in your own personal video for them. Just remember the drone laws where ever you are located. You may not be allowed to fly your drone over a crowd or in a stadium.


Check out your neighborhood


I used my drone to check out around my neighborhood. I knew there is a creek that leads to a pond around my house. We have everything from foxes, rabbits, raccoons, possums, turtles and more. I put my drone up in the air and found where the pond is. So now I know where all these animals are traveling from. They must live around that secluded pond area. It's trapped behind a bunch of houses so it's not really open for the public. The only way to view it is with a drone.


Use your drone to make money


You can use your drone to survey the land. You can also take aerial pictures of the properties around you. Your neighbor might be interested in buying a photo or video of their property above. Also just like photography stock photos sell for money. you can take advantage of having a camera that can shoot images that you can not get on the ground.


Race your Drone


There are actually a lot of people that participate in drone racing. My drone isn't one that I would race. I believe I can get my drone up to 40mph but there are drones that can fly 150mph. I would actually like to go to an event where they are racing drones.


If you have a drone let us know in the comments what you use your drone to do. Also, don't forget to create your own drone t-shirt on our website. It's easy to design your shirt.


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