Instagram Promotion

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Instagram Promotion


Promote Your Instagram. Learn how to promote a instagram page. You can do this your self or paid.


Does Instagram Promotion work?


Of course, it does. As long as you do it the right way. There are lots of different methods to choose from. You can do it your self for Free or you can spend a little bit of money to promote. One of the most common paid ways is to keep it simple and pay for facebook/Instagram Sponsored post. This can be good but it's kind of expensive for the results you receive. Don't worry we have some other methods for you to explore


How To Grow Instagram Followers


  • Interact with comments, likes, tags, and shares
  • Follow other users
  • Don't advertise frequently on IG
  • Post cool photos
  • Use hashtags


You can promote your Instagram your self and grow your followers by commenting and liking other users photos. Interact with everyone, not just your followers or people you follow. Reach out to new people also. Try following other users as well but just be aware that Instagram only allows you to follow 7500 people at this time. I don't like that but It may be so that you get to see all there sponsored ads along with people that you follow. Don't advertise as frequent on IG. That can make people unfollow you. Image only seeing ads all day on your timeline. You wouldn't think IG was as cool anymore. Share your IG on other social media platforms.


Use hashtags on all your photos. Try switching them up every now and then. People click on these hashtags to look at everyone else's photos. I can give you an example. They have an event here every year. I can use a hashtag for the event and see other photos people took at the event also. You never know you might see your self in one of these photos.


Instagram hashtags to get likes

There are hashtags that you can use for people looking to gain followers. We will list some of them below.


#follow #followmeplease #supporteachother @needtshirtsnow #f4f #followme #needtshirtsnow #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #followhim #followall #followalways #followback #me #love #pleasefollow #follows #follower #following



Generate leads from Instagram


There are multiple methods to bring you in more followers that you can turn into leads. Some are free and some are paid methods. Today I will be discussing the paid way. One is using a service that targets your niche to get leads by interacting with customers that might be interested in your products or service. This is the most effective way to get customers but also the more expensive way.


The other is paying someone with a lot of followers to shout you IG out on their Instagram page. I don't know if you have noticed or not but when I'm on IG or other social media I see a lot of people offering shoutouts or promo. This way is less effective but you may be able to give them a free custom t-shirt, service or product. This is less reliable because most of their followers may not be interested in your business. You can look at other posts where they did promo for others and see very few interactions on those post. 


Instagram promotion effectiveness


If you are using a real service that targets your customer base then it will definitely be effective. I believe Instagram may be the most profitable social media for your business.


If your using a person or business with a lot of followers It depends on your niche and who the person that is doing the promos. Obviously for them to be offering advertisement slots on their IG they need to have a huge following. When I say a huge following I mean at the bare minimum 50,000 followers. Which will still not bring that much value to your business unless they are a niche profile. When I say niche profile I mean if their whole IG shows nothing but makeup or hair tutorials and they have a following of 100,000 people then you can bet that if you are selling a hair product or makeup product or service this will be very profitable for you. You will also want to look at their analytics. Instagram and Facebook are good at telling you the age range of the people following you and their gender.


Instagram influencers


What does this person currently do to have at least 50,000 followers? What is their niche? Are they a blogger? A hair stylus? Give makeup tutorials? Do they travel a lot and people enjoy watching? Do they post lots of post about their favorite foods and restaurants? Are they a model?


This is what you need to look at when choosing someone to promote your business. You want to find someone in your niche that already has an audience. If they are a woman model then 7/10 of their followers are going to be males. The others might be women that also model or want to model. 


Would it make sense if I paid someone doing makeup tutorials with a large following to do promo aka a "shoutout" to my business on IG if I'm selling computer parts? No, it wouldn't It would be a waste of time and money. It would make more sense to pay someone that does computer repair tutorials to advertise my business. 


How to find a niche on Instagram


A niche that should be choosing Models


  • Event promoters
  • Clubs
  • Hair or makeup manufactures and stores
  • Photographers
  • Clothing stores


A restaurant can be very successful by using IG promos


I don't know about you but I love to eat. I like to check out new restaurants. By using the right person that always posting their food and experiences with restaurants can make their business boom overnight. All it takes is for them to post the right picture of the food and caption how tasty it is and include a tag or hashtag. That's all it takes. Food is one of the easiest things to sell because everyone has to eat.


Buy Instagram followers?


Never pay for Instagram followers. Not only is it cheesy but it's worthless. A lot of these accounts will be foreign fake accounts. They have no interest in your service and it is basically just a waste of money. The point of having a lot of followers on Instagram is to generate leads. You want people to buy your products or services. If they can't do that then what is the point of having them. Also, it is known that Instagram will routinely go through and knock all the fake accounts of their app.  I recommend staying away from anyone trying to sell you follows. 


Buy Instagram marketing service?

There is a big difference. There are ways that you can pay for others to do all the grunt work for you. That means following and liking photos and commenting on other people in your niche. That way you are not just following random people. If you look at our page we currently have 30,000+ followers. It has taken us a few years to reach this amount of followers because we have done this the correct way. Our niche may be a little harder to get followers than yours might be. Let's say you are a photographer or an artist. I can most likely grow your following and sales from IG by at least 5x the amount they are now. That is as long as you have content to display. You want to keep your account active with new photos at least once a day. 


There is a saying that "numbers don't lie"


If you are the one looking for Instagram stars you will need to be sure that their profile is legitimate. Check out their followers. There will definitely be some fake followers on every profile page unless its private do to spam but the majority of their followers should be real profiles. Check their comments on the images. Are there a lot of comments? Check the profiles of those that are commenting on their photos. Do they look genuine? If not they are worthless if you are a business trying to advertise.  If they have all these followers then usually there will be a lot of people tagging other people and comments on the post. 



If you have any comments or advice please feel free to let us know in the comments below.  Also, make sure you follow us on IG @needtshirtsnow

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Gladys parker:
01/04/2018, 03:46:14 PM

Awesome post with lots of valuable information. I really need to up my instagram game. I know very little about it, infact I have to borrow my son's phone to use it. I know it is here to stay though so time to figure it all out.

01/04/2018, 07:56:41 PM,

I love this. I have found that great interaction is more important than followers as a whole!

Carol Cassara:
01/04/2018, 08:08:54 PM,

Instagram is another platform we should be paying close attention to. I think these are good points. I love using hashtags and I find that it helps me gain followers as well.

01/07/2018, 06:14:09 AM

I believe in the power of the hashtag. I never forget to use them with instagram, facebook, twitter. It draws like minded people to your account and more often than not, you gain followers easily. I should be more consistent though in posting.

Ron Leyba:
01/08/2018, 09:36:25 AM

Perfect ideas. Love all things you shared here about instagram promotion.

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