Cobra DTG Pretreat Machine

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Cobra DTG Automatic Pretreat Machine



New Automatic Pretreat Machine


The new automatic Pretreat machine released by Cobra is looking like a real Winner. Currently, Automatic Pretreatmachines seem to be overpriced for something that is just spraying on a t shirt. Cobra DTG Changes that with an affordable machine that seems to be quality built. Below we will point out some of the features from both of Cobra DTG machines.


Cobra DTG Pretreat Machine


  • Only $899
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Adjustable Spray Height
  • Laser Guided System
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Variable Platen Speed
  • Heavy Duty Open Arch



King Cobra Automatic DTG Pretreat Machine


  • Only $1099
  • All New HD Spray System
  • Laser Guided System
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Stainless Nozzles
  • Open Arch


The Upgrades that were made for the King Cobra are looking good. I am Looking forward to a video being released. All of that print custom t shirts know how important pretreating a shirt is. It only takes one inconsistent spot to ruing the whole shirt. While some of still don't mind using the Wagner sprayer it's just messy. Huge overspray all over the place. Plus the amount of time it takes to pretreat those shirts. It almost takes as much time trying to pretreat as it takes printing. 


Some of the features that I like is the Laser Guided system. Not you know where your pretreatment is going to stop and start. I also like the fact that upgraded to an open arch. It makes it easier to place and remove the t shirts.


I look forward to seeing more from Cobra DTG. It looks like they are headed in the right direction. I also love the fact that these machines are built in the USA. I think we might go ahead and get us one of these Cobra DTG pretreatment machines. Then we can do a User Review on them and let you know about the durability of them. I am more intrigued with longevity in products that we buy. 


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