Climbing Mount Everest

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Climbing Mount Everest


Climbing Mount Everest


So I was sitting here thinking about taking a trip and something about adventure came to my mind. That's when I thought about it. How, much does it cost to climb Mt Everest?  

Just in case you didn't know Mount Everest is the World Tallest Mountain. Climbing the tallest mountain in the world would be awesome. 

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What's the Cost To Climb Mount Everest?


The price to climb Mount Everest starts at $25,000 and can go up to $125,000 each person. There is a lot of different costs that you will need to pay to climb the mountain.

You will need to pay for the equipment along with Permits to climb the mountain. The cost of Training alone can start at $8,000. The Climbing Permits from the Nepal Government cost $11,000. 

Something that also, determines the price is if you are going to use a western guide or a Sherpa Guide. You also may want to avoid paying for your package online. You may pay to go with a smaller group only to get put with a larger group once you get there. 

That could cause issues if you get stuck with a group that may not like the country that you come from. 

After finding out how much the cost is to climb the mountain I said it would still be pretty cool to get to the base camp that you see in the Movie Everest. 

How much to get to Everest Base Camp?


The cost to reach the base camp is between $1200 and $5000. That does not include any gear. It may take between 12 and 16 days to do it.


What type of equipment is needed to climb Mount Everest?


You will need bottled oxygen, sleeping bags, Medical Kits, and more. 


How Long does it take to Climb Mount Everest?


It can take close to 2 months to climb to the peak of Mount Everest.


Where is Mount Everest?


There are two sides to Mount Everest. The Peak of Mount Everest has a high altitude and stands at 29,029 feet. The Nepal side is the most popular side. The Other side is Located in China.


How Many People have died climbing the mountain?


Over 297 people have died trying to reach the top of the mountain. The last year that there were any unknown deaths were in 1977. That year only 2 people reached the Peak.


If you have ever thought about climbing the mountain let us know in the comments below. Climbing Everest and reaching the summits of Everest is a great accomplishment. 

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