Cheapest time to travel

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Cheapest Time to Travel



The Best time to travel may be the cheapest time to travel


If you are looking to plan a trip then October is a great time to book your trip. There are a lot of different things going on in the month of October. You have the SGIA Convention in Las Vegas for decorated apparel. Also, with October being here that means we are going on two weeks of fall. So be prepared for holidays such as Halloween. There will be plenty of activities such as haunted houses and a lot of action going on at amusement parks across the USA.


The Cheapest Month to Travel


The cheapest month to travel is January. Even though it may be cold and snowy it is still a great time to travel. If you look at the temperature in places like Cancun, Mexico or the Dominican Republic Or Medellin Colombia, or Rio De Janerio the weather will be great. As a matter of fact, January is one of Brazil's Summer Months.


It might not be a bad time to go to Disney World down in Orlando FL. The Highs are usually 70+ degrees with lows around 55 degrees. If you decide to take a family trip don't forget to get some custom t-shirts for your trip. It will make your photos way cooler.


If you plan on getting cheap airline tickets then you will want to make sure that you book your flights at least 7 days after the New Year. That is the time that you can score some very cheap tickets. You may also want to take a look at some websites on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those may be great times to get some cheap tickets.


If you are planning to travel out of the country make sure that you have your passport. I think having a passport is very important regardless if you plan on traveling or not. You will also want to make sure that you look u the country you are wanting to travel to. Some countries give you an easy traveling visa at the airport. Others you will need to have your visa before you get there.


List of The Cheapest Times to Travel


  • Winter: Fly between Jan. 7 to March 5, There may be price changes between Feb. 11-24.
  • Spring: Fly by April 1, because the prices will be rising from April 2-18.
  • Summer: Fly by June 19, If you wait summer pricing starts to kick in on June 20.
  • Fall: Fly any time after labor day for reduced flights.



Winter and Fall are the cheapest times to fly



There's no secret that Winter and Fall are the cheapest times to fly in the USA. You also need to keep in mind that Hurricane season does not end until late November. So if you are planning trips to Florida or other Caribbean islands it may be the rainy season or even worse hurricane season. December makes perfect traveling times to the Caribbean islands because it's probably cold in your home and may even be snowing. Escape the harsh winter conditions for a nice sunny beach.



Cheapest Days to Fly


The Cheapest days to fly in the USA are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Well, at least that's what this survey says. I have been able to pick up some pretty cheap tickets on a Thursday also. 


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