CadLink Digital Factory for Brother gt 381 | 2018 Review

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CadLink Digital Factory for Brother gt-381 | 2018 Review


CadLink Digital Factory for Brother gt 381 | 2018 Review

Finding the perfect software for your Brother GT 381


So it's been a while since we started using Cadlinks Digital Factory software. When you are printing custom t shirts you will want to use the best software so that your customers are happy with the comparison between their graphic design and the shirt. A lot of the time the manufactures make some awesome software. Sometimes this is not the case. With the Brother DTG, they provide you with free software and the ability to print from programs like Adobe Photoshop. 


Brothers software prior to their new software was Pdip. Which has now been upgraded to GTX Graphics Labs that can be used on both the GTX and The GT3 Series Printers. The Software is awesome but it does not give users all the control they may need and want. Below I will list some of the features that Cadlinks Digital Factory have over GTX Graphic Labs.


Cadlinks Digital Factory Features 


  • Special Ques provide Productivity
  • Advanced features for Color Removal such as Knock Me Black Out
  • More Control over Colors
  • Different Presets for Photos and High Resolutions


This software is great but not perfect. It does a great job at productivity but there are some features that are not working correctly. If you want to print multiple copies of an image you will need to turn off the auto job delete on your printer. The Knock me out black and Knock me out color features are a dream. They even work while you are working on your artwork in photoshop. 


Brothers Graphic Labs does a good job letting you create custom t shirts in the software its self and also a good job color matching but they seem to be just a little off. They remove the shadows giving the images a light print. One of the places where the graphics labs software fails is printing black ink on a white shirt it's hard to get it a deep black. Cadlinks Digital Factory gives you more control to deepen the blacks. I think there still could be room for improvement but its definitely better. 


The Price tag for this software is $1495 but it is currently on sale for $695. 


IF you have an opinion on the software please let us know in the comments below. 

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