Small Business insurance

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Small Business insurance


Business Insurance. Find out where to obtain cheap small business insurance and the advantages and disadvantages of having business insurance


Small Business Insurance is Very important to have and should be a must for any business


When you own your own business you will come across your competitors usually saying they are licensed and insured. What does this really mean? Some may have a license to conduct business performing a service but if something gets damaged while they perform the customer should definitely want them to be insured. This is definitely the case for a business like a mechanic shop. Things can get damaged to your car that was not damaged before. What if your car falls off the lift? You would want the business to have insurance instead of using your own.


What does Business Insurance Cover?

  • Property
  • Loss of Income
  • Workers Compensation
  • Product Liability
  • Cyber-Crime
  • Vehicles
  • Profesional Liability and Mal Practice


Property Insurance is something that you definitely want to look into. This covers the cost of your equipment just in case there is theft or vandalism or loss from a storm etc. This can cover both your equipment and supplies. It is important because you never know what could happen. 


Loss of Income Insurance is something that also comes along with our business insurance policy. This covers the cost of our building and any of our employee's wages. There is a time period that it covers the cost for and the amount is based off the coverage amount that you sign up for.


Workers Compensation Insurance can cover your employees just in case they are injured while at work. This is something that is important so that your business is not held liable. This usually comes with most business insurance plans.


Product Liability Insurance can cover injury, illness or death from a bad product that you provide.


Cyber-Crime Insurance Provides coverage for online communication and Internet issues that may occur. In 2018 There is more cybercrime then ever.


Business Vehicle Insurance is something that you will definitely need for your company vehicles. This will generally be another insurance plan just like your regular auto insurance plan.


Professional Liability and Malpractice insurance cover you just in case something goes wrong in your line of work. Whether you are a doctor and don't follow the right procedure or maybe a mechanic that also makes a mistake. It covers you in case you give someone wrong advice that leads to death or injury. You will definitely need this added to your policy.


Seeing that we provide custom t-shirt printing services you can see our reasonings needing business insurance. for So now that we have gone through some of the reasons you may need business insurance slow down and find the right company and policy that is meant for you. Below we will give you a few companies that provide business insurance. 


Business Insurance Companies


If you have any experience dealing with business insurance please leave us some feedback below in the comments section. 





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