Another 737 Air Max 8 crashes

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Another Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash


Ethiopian Airlines crash


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Another 737 Crashes after take off


In October the first 737 max 8 crashed after take off in Indonesia. The plane is said to have a new feature that is meant to stop the plane from stalling out but is causing the plane to go into a nosedive instead. Something is making the plane dive downward.


The second plane just went down in Ethiopia while on its way to Nairobi Kenya. The way it went down was similar to how the first accident happened. Enough that almost Every country has decided to ground the plane.


Most of all the countries downed the 737 max 8. This is kind of scary. Before they decided to ground the plane I checked to see which planes my upcoming trip were going to be on. Whats kinda of strange is that the airlines did not see a reason to ground the planes before the executive decision from President Trump.


From someone that travels on an airplane often, I don't think this plane should go back up until there is a Plan A, B, and C. I think technology is leaving us to be too reliant automation. I think the pilot should be able to have full control of the plane when something like what happened is going on.


I ask that you pray for those that lost their lives and for their families. Let us know your opinion with automation and do you trust all this new technology?

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